Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kicks & Rolls

For the past few days, I've been feeling a lot of movement from the bean. I've actually felt it for quite a few weeks, but I would have to lay still and concentrate. Now, it's really obvious. It makes it that much more real! And I think it's one of the best things about pregnancy, being able to feel your baby move and being the only one to really feel it. I remember just before I had Jacob, I squeezed my belly and cried because I knew I wouldn't feel that feeling for a long time. But here we are again, and it's just as amazing the second time around. I love it. Also, I had a Dr's appointment last week, and all is good with the bean. Its heart was beating at round 150 bpm, no U/S (boo). However, the time has finally come for our big ultrasound. It's tomorrow afternoon! Ack! Hopefully the bean will cooperate this time and open its legs, if not, we might have to pay a visit to the gender U/S place, again. And my morning sickness is gone. Yay...kind of. I like that I'm not sick, but I'm hungry often. And the heart burn is slowly creeping in, same thing I had with Jacob. And, finally, I'm going to the spa and having a girl's day out! I'm having a prenatal massage and hopefully a facial, some shopping. I can't wait. I need to relieve some stress. Oy!

Top pic, if you look closely you can see the baby's head and torso
Bottom pic, those are feet (use your imagination)...
14 wks 3 days

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Annie said...

how exciting!! i can tell those are feet :) adorable.teeny.tiny. baby feet!!
cute blog and super cute family!!!