Monday, May 31, 2010

Birdie Baby Sprinkle

Over the holiday weekend, we had my baby sprinkle. And it was perfect. It was short, small, and sweet, just like I wanted it to be. It was very girly, and I loved every minute of it. It's awesome to see how my hard work turned out. And I had a great time with my family and friends.

So, the day was warm, and we had about 30 guests, all women. For dinner, my sister served baked ziti with a garden salad and garlic toast. Mmm, that garlic toast was awesome. We also had fruit salad, white chocolate dipped Oreos, circus cookies, and cupcakes. Sugar overload. And despite indulging, my glucose levels were pretty decent. Favors were Lofthouse cookies in pink and white. We played several games including guess the due date, word scramble, baby trivia, baby girl names, guess how many eggs in the jar, don't cross you legs, and guess the baby food. It was hilarious to listen to all the chatter and comments during the games. After all that fun stuff, I opened presents and found my self in a sea of pink. I.LOVE.IT.

As for the party decor, I made pretty much everything. There were a few things here and there that we bought, or borrowed, but it was my blood, sweat, and tears my hard work that went into most of the decor. It was my family's hard work that went into putting all together. They are awesome. Especially my sister, and my niece, mom, and cousin, but I digress. Here are some lots of pics of Isabella's sprinkle!

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Wendy @ Whimsy & Wise Events said...

Looks beautiful Corin! Sorry I couldn't make it....but I have your gift! Glad you got some use out of the small poms! :)

MrsKBJ said...

So pretty!! Your baby girl will be here so soon!! :O)

heart_it_races said...

omg i love your decorations! I clicked on ur link on when i was reading the ocbabies board. :)

Love ur ideas! I'm having a boy due 9/10 and my theme is baby surfer. my sil said she'd do decorations and the cake. I hope she picks something nice!

Jenglamgirl said...

Every Detail is just simply SWEET AND PRECIOUS! Love it! Jen

idesign said...

very pretty shower, i love it :)