Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Toddler's Bed

I've finally made a decision. For the last month, I've been trying to decide what to do with Jacob and whether or not I should move him to a toddler bed. I was really struggling with this decision but one day it just hit me. He adjusts well to change, and I think he'll do okay in a toddler bed (and I don't want to buy another crib). Of course, I could be totally wrong about this whole thing and all h*ll could break loose. Let's hope not. So, his bed is ordered and should be here in a few weeks. I'll try transitioning him into it when it gets here...maybe. We're also going to be moving his room around to accommodate his sister's things and start getting her portion of the room ready. Yup, they're sharing a room. Something I'm okay with..for now. But, I'm just glad I made a decision. I will share pics once I get the room completely done.

His new bed, it matches the other furniture in the room.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

I'm in trouble.

Since we've found out we're having a girl, I've been so proud of myself for holding back and not buying anything. Well, that has changed. I bought something I did not need, at all. I bought a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag. So, what's wrong with that? Well, I have 4 other diaper bags - a Coach, a Bumble, a Timi & Leslie backpack, and a Twilight/Jacob backpack. And Jess has, more than once, mentioned that we have a lot of bags, and here I go adding another one in. However, in my defense, of the 4 bags we have, two are gender specific, and I got a discount on my PPB - outlet sale. Ugh, sometimes I'm an impulse shopper, and it's not with cheap things. I also bought something else, but it's more economical. I bought our baby girl a set of Trumpette Maryjane socks. Jacob had the boy's sneaker version, and now she needs the girl's. And I bought them with a gift card. Okay, okay, so those are all excuses, but I'm happy with my purchases.

Isn't she pretty?!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kickin' up a storm!

We had another ultrasound, and baby girl is looking good! It's such a great relief! During the U/S, I could feel her and see her move at the same time. She's been moving and kicking sooo much now. I don't remember feeling Jacob move this much this early, but it could be because it's my second. And I think she's measuring ahead, but only by just a few days. And we made sure that it's still a girl - it is.

On another note, I had some tests done after my doctor found protein in my urine. I had to do a 24 hour urine collect and have blood drawn. I got my results back and everything came back NORMAL!!! I'm so relieved, and happy. I'm positive it was due to the fact that I was dehydrated. I was not drinking enough water and I knew it, but I was sick, and when I'm sick I don't want anything. My cough is still lingering. I'm just so so happy that everything is looking good, so far.

Her profile - you can kind of see her two hands in front of her face...

She's tilting her face toward the probe...

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring has sprung!

Today is officially the first day of spring! The weather has been very spring like, actually almost summer like, here in So Cal. Last week we reached highs in the upper 80s, but the last few days we've seen nice temps in the upper 70s. It's beautiful. Anywho, now with spring here, I decided to decorate a little, and bust out my new toy. I made my first project, a spring banner. I used scrapbook paper, glitter, glue, and crepe paper. The crepe paper idea came from Holly over at Life in the Fun Lane. I love the way the banner came out, and the crepe paper added that something extra. Not bad for my first project. I also filled my apothecary jar with eggs and grass from last Easter. And, contrary to popular belief, I bought my wreath. Nope, I didn't make it. I could have, easily. However, it wouldn't have been cost effective. Tools and supplies would have totaled the price I paid for the wreath - $12 at Big Lots. Now I'm trying to think of things I can do for summer. Maybe a banner that says summer?!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It hasn't even been a month since we've found out we're having a girl, and she's already spoiled. My sister bought her 14 outfits already, fourteen! She said she tried to downsize, but she just couldn't pick. Girl clothes are so irresistible. It's hard for me to go shopping and not look through the baby girl stuff, but I have resisted. My sister does not need to buy her clothes. I guess I should say, I'm spoiled too? My sis is throwing me a baby shower. Something more intimate than the one I had with Jacob, and way girly. We don't need anything for baby girl, but I wanted to celebrate, and I will not be registering. We really don't need anything, except for the basics - diapers, formula. And, of course, I'm putting it together. Yes, I like control. Oh come on, I love to plan and decorate! I already have my shower theme picked out and we'll be having it at the end of May or early June. Yay! I can't wait!

I also had a doctor's appointment. It was not a good appt. First of all, I'm still sick, and I mean, I have not been this sick in a looong time. Like years. Doc checked baby girl's heartbeat and it was at 160 bpm, very good. However, they found protein in my urine. Not good. They don't think it's pre-eclampsia because my BP was normal, however they think I'm either dehydrated or I have an infection. So I have to do some lab work. I hope it's just an infection that can be cleared up *cross my fingers*. We'll see soon enough, well as soon as I get the tests done. And another good thing, I'm still losing weight. A healthy thing for me. Some more good news, we'll be seeing baby girl again next week for another ultrasound. They want to check out her heart again, precautionary. Ahhh, so this has been a weird week. Oh, and then we had an earthquake, too. WTH?!

The beginnings of her wardrobe...

A couple of my absolute favorite pieces...

Monday, March 15, 2010

We're sick...Again!

Yeah, the third time in 3 months, and Jacob and I are sick. We think grandma gave it to him but she's in denial. Jacob started with a cough and a slight runny nose at the end of last week, and he got a little bit worse each day. I started on Saturday, just a few days after him. We both have a cough and cold, and we can't take any medicine. Well, Jacob has baby Vicks and a Vicks vaporizer, I have decided not to take anything. Actually, I did take a little something on Saturday but just a teeny tiny amount of medicine to get me through a couple of hours, and it did. Oh, how I miss my Nyquil/Dayquil. I don't think it would be half as bad if I could take some real medicine. But I digress, My bother had game night at his house, and we really wanted to go, but we ended up leaving after just a few hours anyway - when the meds wore off. So, here we are with tissue near by at all times, and all stuffy and congested with our hacking coughs. Yuck. I'm so over being sick. My immune system really goes to crap when I'm pregnant, and Jacob was never sick when he was under a year old. What the heck is really going on?!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Bigger Car

Now that our family is growing a bit bigger, we want a new car. Notice I said want. We don't need a new car. We have 2 sedans that have a good amount of space, one a little more than the other, but they're both sufficient. However, it would be nice to not struggle with 2 big car seats in a sedan. So, we've been looking around. I have my eye on two, and since I will be the one driving it most of the time, Jess is letting me pick. That's if we get one. Anywho, we're looking at the Chevy Equinox and the Kia Sorento. I have yet to really look into safety ratings, but as time grows closer to the arrival of baby girl, we should have a final decision, whatever we decide. And if we don't, well that's just the procrastinator in me. Aren't they pretty?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sleep Training

For the last week, I've been trying to sleep-train Jacob. Actually, the term sleep-train is rather weird, I prefer the phrase, change up his routine. Anyway, everyday and every night, Jess and I would rock him to sleep for the last 18 months (I know, I know, what were we thinking!). I would put him to sleep for his nap time and Jess for his bedtime. Well, now that he's getting older, and my tummy is getting bigger, the time had come to get him to fall asleep on his own. Last week, I started it with his nap time, and that first day was a little rough. Definitely not as bad as I thought, but he still cried. As the days went by, he would cry and whine less and less, and by Friday night he was saying bye when we left the room and giving kisses. Yes, he's finally, sleep-trained. I do have to say, one of the reasons we did rock him to sleep so long is because it was a moment of peace and quiet we were able to spend with our rambunctious child. A sweet moment we shared, quietly together. I can tell Jess was, and still is, having a hard time with it. He would watch the monitor to see if anything was wrong, but he's kind of getting used to it. Gosh, I hope other things go this easy, like potty training and sleeping in a big boy bed. Oy, we'll see.

He loves his lovie's tail...

His lovie...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

20 weeks: Cravings

I'm 20 weeks now. The half way point. I can't believe it. This pregnancy is going by so much faster than the one I had with Jacob. I feel like I have so much to do in such a short amount of time. Eek! We have baby girl's name picked out except for her middle name. I'm undecided, but I think I may have it. And we have her crib bedding picked out. Actually, when I was pregnant with Jacob, I found girl bedding that I loved and I found it at a great price, so I bought it. Well, it turned out we were having a boy, and I didn't need the bedding. I tried to sell it on Craigslist, but I just couldn't do it. Now I have baby girl's bedding waiting for her. I'm so excited to get her stuff ready. And my sister started buying clothes already. Little girl clothes are so hard to pass up. Seriously. They're sooo cute.

Anywho, so far things are looking good. As I mentioned before, we had our big ultrasound and we received the official call form the Doctor's that everything came back normal, and my 2nd tri screening also came back normal. Whew, what a relief. But I have been dealing with cravings. I'm almost embarrassed to admit my cravings 'cause it sounds so Britney Spears. For the last few weeks, thanks to my husband, I have been craving Cheetos Flamin' Hot Fries. Actually, I don't discriminate, pretty much anything Flamin' Hot. And you know what else makes them taste even better....A Slurpee. Yeah, all I need now is a trucker hat. For awhile, I was craving rainbow sherbet ice cream. I had to have it stock, in my freezer. I still have it in there in case the craving returns. Other than that, red meat, at the moment, is a deal breaker. Yuck. Chicken is okay. Gosh, I remember when I was PG with Jacob and I craved cheeseburgers. Ewww, gets me a little queasy thinking about it now. We shall see what other cravings come up. What if it's sherbet ice cream mixed with Flamin' Hot Cheetos?! Hmmm...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mommy's New Toy

It's no secret that I love gadgets. And for the last 7 months, I've been lusting after this one gadget in particular, a Cricut Create machine. This is a scrapbooker's dream tool. You can do a ton of stuff with it, and I'm just learning. I got my machine for well under retail, and I'm kicking myself for not getting it at Big Lots a few weeks ago, for a bit cheaper. But I'm glad I got a deal, nonetheless. I also picked up a ton of cardstock and scarpbooking paper, and I'm eager to start my cartridge collection. While it came with the Don Juan cartridge, I've already purchased the Songbird cartridge, and I've got my eye on a few others. I can't wait to start creating! Yay!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

BB Pictures and a Funny Video.

These are just some of the random pictures I have on my phone, and a video that I absolutely LOVE! It makes me laugh every time I see it.