Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday, Monday...

Wow, what a weekend! So, I was definitely not on bed rest. I had my lovely baby shower on Saturday, and it was so much fun. For dinner, my parents had gotten a taco guy, and it was delicious. Of course I didn't get to enjoy it, but I'm positive everyone else's did. He served several different kinds of meet including chicken and carne asada along with rice and beans. Yum! We had a delicious cake from this place in La Mirada called Sugar and Spice and it was so tasty. I would definitely get a cake from them again. All in all, we had about 75-85 guests. And I made out with a ton of gifts. Only a handful were from my registry (sort of expected it), but I was still happy nonetheless. The majority of my gifts were clothes. I have piles and piles of baby boy clothes to wash now. And the rest of the gifts were either money or gift cards. So here are some pics:

The cake!

Cake table...

Baby clothes line and guests...

Only a fraction of our gifts...

Centerpieces that everyone loved...

Funny pic of me and Jess...

We had a great time and we're both so thankful for such a fabulous day filled with friends, fun, and family.


Sunday was not a day of rest. We had to clean up, and get everything back to semi-normal. But after that we went to Babies R Us to buy all of the other necessities off of my registry. So now I have a room full of baby stuff that I can't touch 'til Jess gets home. You know, since I'm on this bed rest thing. We also had a BBQ with hamburgers, and left over tacos. The tacos, although a day old, were still delicious. The rest of the evening was spent in the jacuzzi, and having a bowl of my favorite frozen yogurt at OC yogurt. I always get the same thing, vanilla chocolate swirl with cheesecake strawberry swirl topped with some fudge, caramel, and cookie dough, and nuts. Yum! I want another!


So, this brings me today. Monday, yuck. Nothing really going on today, just another non-stress test and ultrasound appointment. Hopefully everything goes well, but with me on my feet all weekend we'll see. I'll definitely update. Wish us luck!

Friday, June 27, 2008


So, I had a doctor's appointment again this morning, and baby boy and momma still look good. However, during my ultrasound I almost fainted. The nurse had me on my back too long and it was making me sick. Luckily, I didn't faint. Oh and baby is breech, again! After the ultrasound, I headed down to L&D and was hooked up for the non-stress test. Baby was moving and perfectly healthy, my BP was taken and was perfectly normal. Great news, right? Well, one of my doctor's (whom I do not care for) came to check me and baby out, and he orders me to bed rest. Bed rest! If everything's perfectly normal, why do I need bed rest?! Oh, but I do have bathroom privileges. I'm not a happy camper.


After my doctor's appointment I went to get a mani and pedi. It was great! I love having my arms and legs massaged, but the girl did a crappy job on my finger nails. But my fingers and toes are now painted Baby's Breath by Essie:


Tomorrow's the big day! My baby shower! I'm super duper excited! I don't know if I'll sleep much tonight. I'm looking forward to all the presents and seeing everyone share in the day. Pics will be up next week!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Last night...

It's official! Jesse and I are Lamaze graduates! I would like to thank all of the little people who helped us get to where we are. LOL! Class actually wasn't that bad. We only "pushed" for the last 10 minutes of class, and we watched a couple of videos. One of the videos was hilarious! It was a recorded "A Baby Story" where a crazy mom and a fainting dad welcome their baby. It's a classic that should be shown at every birthing class across the nation. Anywho, here's proof that we did it (what's more official than a baby in an airplane?):


I also got our maternity pictures, and I like quite a few of them. They were so darn cheap I really couldn't go wrong. I'm going to get some printed and pick one out to put in a signature mat frame. People will be able to sign it at the baby shower, and I can hang it in baby's room after. Here are a couple of teasers:


So, tomorrow I have another appointment for an ultrasound and a non-stress test. Hopefully baby and I make it to the shower on Saturday. Jess has been very helpful, and I just have to take it easy tomorrow. Wish us luck!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hump day...

Woo hoo, I'm glad it's finally Wednesday! Why am I so glad? Because my baby shower is this Saturday, and I'm so excited about it! We're having a co-ed shower with over a hundred invited guests! I can't wait to see what Baby Boy gets. I'm sure he's gonna get a ton of stuff. My sister Liza is the main hostess, while my parents are helping out, as is my cousin Melody with games and such. However, I must add that I've helped plan a little, too. What can I say, I like to have a little control. Our theme is: "Tiny hands, button nose, chubby cheeks, little clothes." Here's a pic of our theme, and I'll have party pics next week:

So, a little flash back. My hubby Jesse and I have been married for 8 months, and about a month ago I sent my wedding dress to be cleaned. Believe it or not, I was sad about it. I think I was sad about the fact that I LOVED my dress, and that I would not be able to wear it again, and I only got to wear it one day for a few short hours. I felt like I was letting go of my wedding day. After my wedding, I also had a short mourning period, I really missed planning it and everything that came with it. However, that changed a month later when I found out I was pregnant. So, I knew I had to finally let my dress go and I got the courage to send it out. It arrived cleaned and pressed yesterday, and here it is in all it's beautiful glory...

Oh, guess what we're doing tonight? Child birthing classes! It's our last and final night. Thank goodness. They were cool and informative but they creeped me out a little, or should I say our nurse creeped me out a little. I dunno, something made me a little uneasy. Anywho, we're pushing tonight! Seriously, I think that's lame. I feel like nothing can really prepare you for child birth besides the experience itself, but that's JMHO. I'm sure Jess is glad it's almost over. Our next big Baby activity will be an L & D tour, but I'm pretty sure I know the area quite well now. So, we'll see what happens tonight. Hopefully we'll get out early, and I'll update tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So, yesterday I had to go in for testing, and it was not good, at first. I had my appointment at the hospital for 3:30p, and I usually get there around 3p because admitting takes awhile. Anywho, we did the ultrasound and baby boy looked good, but the nurse I got didn't let me see baby (the last couple of times I got this other nurse who would let me see him). So, then I go to Labor & Delivery, a.k.a. L&D, and they hook me up to the fetal monitors, and the BP machine. I knew this wasn't going to go well. I have felt like my BP was elevated all morning, but it's my fault for not resting like I should've. Well, of course my first BP reading was high, and stayed slightly above normal for a few hours, but I was definitely borderline high the whole time. The nurse is concerned and calls my Doc who orders a "clean" urine sample (I don't mean pee in a cup, BTW) and blood work. They think I have pre-e. During this time baby is still looking good, actually nurse comments that we have a "future Olympian here." Well, after a few more hours of monitoring, the results for the tests are in and they are ALL negative, oh and get this, I had the wrong BP cuff size on! Which can cause inaccurate BP readings! HELLO! Undue stress on behalf of dumb nurse who put the wrong cuff! All in all, I was in the hospital for 4.5 hours, and I was starving by the time I got out. Luckily, my mom made my favorite dinner, enchiladas. Yum! And I'm now on more of a modified bed rest where I have to rest at least 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. I kind of like it, except I'm nesting and this means I can't do everything I want to do. Boo. Hopefully Jess well help out. So, after last night's somewhat painful events, everything still looks good for us!

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Monday, boo...

My weekend was pretty uneventful except for the fact that I took maternity pictures on Saturday! It's was really hot and I felt like I was melting even though we were indoors. But we got some good shots, and it only took about an hour and a half. Well worth the price I paid. Craigslist is a gem! And here's a sneak peak:


Other than that we came home, just vegged in the AC, watched some TV and went night swimming. Oh, and a new family obsession, Rock Band. My niece and nephew got this last week and every free moment they have is spent playing this. I have not tried it as of yet, but I hear it can be quite addicting. It's very entertaining to watch, too. My favorite is watching people sing while they've been drinking. Hilarious!

Sunday was also pretty boring. Another day was spent just lounging, but we did watch this really good documentary called War Dance. It was not only saddening, but uplifting. Highly recommend it. The rest of the afternoon was spent guessed it, Rock Band.

Oh, and I have another hospital visit this afternoon. I'll be getting another ultrasound and baby will be getting a non-stress test. Hopefully things still look good and normal. I think the thing I only look forward to is the ultrasound when I get to see baby boy.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Heat Wave...

Gosh, is it hot or what?! Yesterday, it was so stinking hot I did not want to do a thing, and well, I didn't. Okay, I did. We made a trip to Costco to grab some necessities, and then to my fav. Target to grab some other necessities like our very first package of diapers and wipes, stuff for my hospital bag, and a bunch of other junk. Other than that, I stayed in the AC as much as possible. I was drained after those little trips.

Thursday afternoon I had another baby check-up. Baby boy still looks good. He's been a real mover and shaker lately. I think he's getting ready. All is well for momma and baby.

Speaking of baby, today he will have his first photo shoot. We're taking maternity photos! We'll see how they come out and if I like them. If I do, I'll post them, if not, they'll just be placed in a box in the attic. BTW, this was like the worst weekend to take pictures. I picked the date about a month in advance, so I really couldn't gauge what the weather would be like. Oh, well. But stay tuned for some *possible* pictures.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Following up...

I had another doctor's appointment yesterday, and everything is normal. My BP was normal, I still don't have pre-e, and baby looks good. He's actually measuring 2 weeks ahead, eek! The doctor also discussed last Friday's results, and he had no idea what was going on with baby's heart rate because during those erratic sessions, his breathing was normal. If you ask me, I think it was the nurse. The first nurse I had was horrible. Let's just say she caused me some unnecessary pain. My second nurse was awesome, she actually explained what she was doing and gave in depth answers to my questions. So, everything looks good as of yesterday, but today I have another non-stress test and ultrasound. Hopefully, things remain just as good.

We also had our 3rd night of child birthing classes. Only one more night to go. I've learned a couple of new things and I'm sure Jesse has learned a lot. The classes are really informative but they're really long. Last nights class discussed delivery interventions such as using vacuums, forceps, and pain meds like epidurals, and some information on c-sections. Next week we're going to be "pushing." I absolutely cannot wait for this class!*insert eye roll*

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My first...

Well, I've finally decided to take the plunge and just do it. Everyone's doing it, right? For the last couple of months I've been wanting to start my own blog. Somewhere to throw my thoughts, and here it is. So let me start with a little background.

My husband, Jesse, and I have been together for almost 10 years. We met during my senior year in high school and he was in his second year of the Marine Corp. We started dating in 1998 and the rest is history. We've been together non-stop, with no break ups. After 8 years we finally got engaged, and were married a year and a half later on October 20th, 2007. Well, very shortly after that, I got pregnant, like less than a month after getting married. We were very lucky and blessed that it happened so quickly.

I found out I was pregnant on December 10th, 2007. I had a feeling, but wasn't really sure 'cause I really did not want to get my hopes up. My boobs had been hurting, and I missed my period. As soon as I told my sister my boobs hurt, the first thing she said was, "You're pregnant!" Low and behold, a few days later I took a test and it was negative. So, then I took another test a few days later and it was positive. I couldn't believe it. The line was there but so faint, so I ran to Target (my favorite store) and picked up a pack of EPT's, and a couple of presents for Jess. As soon as I got home, I took the test and there in dark pink, it said it again, I was pregnant. I was in shock and disbelief and the thoughts of being responsible for a little baby went through my head, and then I started jumping up and down. Not crazy jumping, just a little jumping. My pregnancy, in general, has been really good. I had morning sickness for a only a few days, and minor heartburn and acid reflux, nothing I couldn't handle. My major cravings in the beginning involved cheeseburgers, now it's frozen yogurt. We had our first ultrasound at the end of March of '08, when they told us it was a boy. I started showing probably around 20 weeks and this was also when I started feeling him move. In the middle of April of '08, we had another ultrasound and we confirmed that he was still a boy. Finally, we had a 3D/4D ultrasound and we finally got to see his little face, and it was remarkable to already see the resemblance.

So, here we are now. I'm pregnant with a baby boy, whose name I'm still unsure of, but Jess' name choice is already set. I'm exactly 31 weeks and 5 days pregnant with a little under 2 months to go, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to go early. Not by choice, but out of concern for the baby. Nothing to serious, yet. But we do have to keep a closer eye on him. My blood pressure(BP) is like a roller coaster, high one day and low the next. Because of this, I've been having fetal monitoring, and on my first day my BP was through the roof and baby boy's heart rate had become erratic. Both not a good sign. It was so bad that the Doc was considering delivering me early at only 31 weeks, but luckily we both stabilized and we're still looking good. So you see, that's why I have a big feeling he'll be here really soon. I'm hoping to make it to at least the very end of July, but he can come at any time now. My estiamted due date is August 15th, just 2 weeks before Jess' birthday.

Here's our little man...