Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Good Bye, Oprah.

We'll miss you. I'll miss you. Oprah's show is now over, just in case you lived under a rock. It's a sad, sad day. Oprah has been in my life as far back as I can remember. I've watched her since I was in junior high, but more so in college. In junior high I also had a thing for Ricky Lake, in high school it was Jerry Springer. But no other show has taught me so much. She brought light to situations many of us did not know about or wanted to confront. Oprah always asked the questions us viewers wanted to ask. Despite it all, she was always looking for the good in every situation and person. And let's face it, Oprah gave away some amazing things in the last few years. And, what I wouldn't give to go to a favorite things show. I seriously had hoped I would in my lifetime. Oh well. But alas, Oprah is a force to be reckoned with, and if you didn't know it (live under a rock) she has her OWN network. So, when I need my Oprah fix, and something to contemplate or ponder over, I can watch her network.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Isabella's 10 Months Old!

This past Saturday, my baby girl turned 10 months old! Eek, 2 months 'til her first birthday! No! Actually, that is why I'm posting so late. I've been shopping for Bella's party. But anyway, Isabella has quite the little personality. She knows what she wants, and will get it. She suckers everyone in, except for her mom and dad. She is still saying Mama, is it a coincidence since she babbles so much, probably. But I can pretend that she says it, right? She also screams...a lot. And she learned how to snap her fingers a few weeks ago. She'll start waving Hi or Bye and it'll end in her fingers snapping. Too funny. And it's time to move the crib all the way to the bottom notch! She's started pulling her self up last week, but she's not ready to walk yet. She's still using her walker. She loves that thing. Jacob HATES it. She runs him over. That thing hurts when she runs over your feet. She uses the walker to run and crash. Oh, and it's so funny 'cause she'll chase Jacob around the house, and all you'll hear is laughter and squeals. The best sounds ever!

As for height and weight, I have no idea. But it's nothing too drastic. She no longer fits into 12 month clothing and is in size 18 months. She eats more table food now, and is a bit more pickier than Jacob when he was a baby. She likes sweet things but sour stuff, not so much. My baby girl is growing along like a pretty little flower, and I can't wait to see what she does next!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Let's Talk TV

Oy! My DVR has been burning up for the last 6 months. My TV schedule changes all year round, but I'm currently into a few new shows, and some oldies...

Mob Wives - So, i was trying NOT to get into this show, but when everyone around me was asking if I'd seen it, and I said NO, their eyes were buggin'. I set my DVR and caught up last weekend on all I'd missed. And it's such mindless entertainment...It's great! These women are seriously crazy, and pathetic. They all knew they'd end up with men who were/are incarcerated. Uh, what goals and aspirations these women have, not really. But man, they live in these big a** houses, and have some major bling. Hmmm, I guess it's a little give and take.

Khloe & Lamar - I, too, tried to avoid this show, but I couldn't. But it's sooo boring. I try to watch and I get easily distracted. So, while my DVR is still recording, I still try to watch. Hubby says they're gonna fall victim to reality TV divorce.

Glee - Everyone was talking about this show so I started watching at season 2, and I love it. It's so cute, and it's one of the only non-reality shows I watch.

RH of OC - It's and old one, but it's my favorite. My favorite this season one. They are all backstabbers. And two-faced. Gretchen has turned into a real b*tch, Tamra is going through some tough stuff, and Vicky is headed toward divorce. So sad. Oh, and forget about Alexis' clothing line. I've seen the dresses and I like a few, but the majority are so cheeezy looking. She swears she has style, but I think not. Peggy, the new one, she's a little pot stirrer.

RH of NJ - This just started and there's already so much drama, it's unfortunate. Not really, 'cause it sucks me in! But, no really, it's sad that Teresa and her brother have so much family drama. On a side note, how many Joes live in NJ? I think Teresa's family alone had like 4? Anywho,  I can't wait to see what else comes up this season.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Disney Cruisin': Final Review!

Yes, I'm done talking about it. It's been a month since we went on vacation. It's hard to believe. It feels like we went months ago. Anywho, I had a lot of fun on our trip, but I also did not have a vacation. Choosing Disney was an awesome choice, and it lived up to all the wonderful things I had heard about it. My family had a ball, and Jacob loved it. The other day he said he wanted to go on the boat with Mickey. However, like I said, I did not get a vacation. My hubby didn't have a vacation. It was a lot of work with a toddler and a baby. Isabella was just too small. Packing for her was such a pain, and every time we would head out we had to pack a bag for her, wash bottles, restock any snacks, make sure she had everything. But she did so well on the trip. Jacob, on the other hand, was easy in that he didn't have any extra baggage. However, he was still too young to really take advantage of the ships offerings and really understand what was happening.

Don't get me wrong. It was amazing, and I would do it again, but I'm waiting 'til the kids are older at least 4 and 6 years old. And let me just say, that I had some amazing perks. We went with my family, and they helped a lot, but it was their vacation too. I loved that I didn't have to pay for air fare. Hello! That saved us sooo much $$$! And it was the perfect destination. Not too far, and we'd never been to Mexico. Although, TJ and Ensenada count as Mexico, right?! Seriously, it was a fantastic family trip, but next time we're going somewhere mom and dad want to go.

Our door! It was easy to find in a sea of doors.

Our first dinner, and I felt as tired as I looked.

Waiting for a show to start.

Enjoying a view of the ocean.

We saw dolphins swimming along with the ship!

One of 7 towel animals, the bunny.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Jacob's 1st Dentist Visit

Jacob had his very first ever visit to the dentist this week! And he did exceptionally well. He didn't freak out at all, but he was getting annoyed by the paper bib. He let the DA clean his teeth with the actual machine and not a tooth brush. He also let the dentist check his teeth and paint a polish on his teeth. He has no cavities, but unfortunately, he has a bruised tooth. His top right front tooth is bruised. A few weeks ago, after our trip I noticed that his tooth was gray, and I did some Internet research. Turns out they get that way from trauma. Looking closely at his tooth, it was not only discolored but chipped. A few weeks before the color change, Jacob had a hard fall but nothing out of the ordinary. Turns out, he hit his tooth and it's bruised. The dentist said we just need to keep an eye out for infection, and if we are very lucky the bruise will go away. But not very likely. Thank goodness his adult teeth will be just fine. And we'll be back in 6 months to see the dentist again :0)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I Love Freebies!

I really do *heart* free stuff! Who doesn't?! Well, this past week, I got quite a few freebies in the mail. They include:

140 FREE custom return address labels!
I only paid for shipping and that included priority S/H for a grand total of $3.60!

I chose this design. Cute, huh?! 

I also got the infamous free Pyrex potholder.

And lastly, I got a coupon for a free full-size bottle of a Suave Professionals product!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Royal Wedding Hangover

I know the wedding was a week ago, but I still can't get over it! When I first heard about the Royal Wedding, I thought it was going to be a cold, stuffy, and boring event...much like the marriage between Prince Charles and Diana. However, a week before the wedding, I just happened to catch the Will & Kate movie on Lifetime, and I was intrigued. They seemed to have a genuine love for each other. He seemed so protective of her and still is, and I love that Prince William has done everything on his own timeline, and he married a commoner!

The wedding was perfect. Not too stuffy, and you could see their emotions. It took me back to my own wedding. Kate looked beautiful in her McQueen dress. Just radiant! I loved her dress, and her reception dress was perfect! And Will was so handsome in his uniform. Yum! And the things they were whispering to each other was sooo touching! And I know I'm not the only one who wants a Harry/Pippa hook-up. Hello! How awesome would it be that two sisters, commoners, marry two prince brothers?! It would be very cool. Lastly, I can relive my childhood fantasies with a Kate Middleton Royal Wedding Portrait Doll. It's true. You can find it here.

 Photos: Google

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Disney Cruisin': Day 6, 7 & 8

Day 6 was our second day in Cabo, and we did not get off the ship. It was a short stay in Cabo, we were there from 7am to noon. This was my lazy day. The beginning of the week we were go, go, go and this day I just lounged. In the early afternoon, my sister and niece took the kids swimming while I napped for a bit. Then the kids came back and they napped for a bit. Jess and I then took Jacob to watch Toy Story 3 (in 3d! Loved it!) in the middle of the afternoon. After the movie, I went souvenir shopping. I picked up only a few things, and thankfully, despite being the second to last night of the cruise, the shops were empty. I heard the last night was crazy, and everything had been picked out.

And for dinner, the hubs and I had a date night at Palo. This was a premium restaurant that charged a fee for dining. And it was sooo worth it. They served up northern Italian cuisine that was delish! And their chocolate soufflĂ© was divine! Mmm, mmm.

Day 7, our last day, we spent the day cleaning up our room and packing up. The only plans we had for the day were the last round of bingo, a final show, and dinner. We won one round of bingo, I believe we played 4, and the show for the evening was called 'Till We Meet Again. It was super sweet! And then of course dinner. We headed in a bit earlier than usual since we had to be up bright and early for our arrival home :0(

Day 8, we're home! We were up bright and early. We had to be out of our room by 8:30am, and breakfast was shortly after. I could see in Isabella's face she was getting sick, and her eyes were watering a lot. Despite having a TON of fun, we were all ready to go home. And we all got a lovely parting a gift..we all got sick. I should say about half our group, 8 out of 14, got sick. Really sick. But fun nonetheless!

Coming soon: final recap!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Disney Cruisin': Day 5

We made it to Cabo San Lucas. And we had nothing planned. Cabo seemed a bit nicer than Puerto Vallarta, and the weather was not as hot. We decided to go shopping and walk around the port for a bit. We shopped at a small indoor shopping mart, and stopped for drinks at Senor Frog's. In all honesty, we didn't buy too much 'cause we live in So Cal, and well, everything they had in that shopping mart, I could find here for the same price. And well, my parents head to Baja Cali at least once a year.

After we were all content with our findings, we headed back on the boat, and it was empty! Loved that! Jess took the kids for a nap and my sis, niece and I headed to the adult pool area. We enjoyed a nice swim and a delicious Pina Colada. Seriously, those things were soo good. I have no idea how many i had on the trip. Yum!

We were able to relax a bit before dinner. It was Pirates in the Caribbean night! We were encouraged to dress in pirate attire. I declined but before we left on the trip, I had bought some pirate stuff for Jacob at the $ store. I also bought glow sticks and swords for him. Our dinner was also pirate themed and was followed by a small show and...fireworks at sea! It was awesome. One of the best things about the trip. The ship went out to sea to shoot fireworks! This was surprising to me because we were going to be in Cabo the next day, so why leave? But we did and it was great!

Days 6, 7 & 8 coming soon!

Seals were jumping on to boats for fish...

Balloon hats for everyone...

Ready for pirate night!