Sunday, October 31, 2010



Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Little Goblins...

Have come out to play! It finally feels like October. The Santa Ana's (wind event) have arrived. The weather's dry, warm, and windy. And Halloween is just around the corner! And in keeping with tradition, I took pics of Bella in almost the same exact outfit as Jacob when he was just about 2.5 months old. The first pic is almost exactly 2 years apart. Crazy. Jacob is such a little boy now. I barely remember him being a baby. Awww. But, now I have Isabella and she reminds how babies are, and how they can be. So here are some pics as we get ready for Halloween. I'm so excited for Jacob. We've been practicing our "Trick-o-treat!" His sounds more like tic-uh-tee! Hehe. And I'm excited for him to see other kids dressed in their costumes. I'm sure he'll flip when he sees one he recognizes. Our Halloween plans are up in the air. We're not sure what we're going to do 'cause our neighborhood sucks and does not give out candy. Boo. They all deserve a trick! Just kidding! So, we'll see what we end up doing.


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A New Ad{venture}!

After months of contemplation and uncertainty, I've decided to start a party decor and inspiration blog. Now that my babies are older, and I've learned to manage my time more, I've decided to go into event decor. My blog is called Bella Mia Soirees, named after my baby girl, and I will share tips, tricks, and inspiration from other party divas across the web. I'll still have my personal blog, The Simple Life, and be forewarned - there may be some double posting when I get excited and have to share something I made or did. I'll hope you'll take a look, and be inspired!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Isabella is 3 Months

My baby girl is in the final stages of being a new born. Boo. It goes by so fast. Especially when you have two. You think time flies with one, forget about it! I can only imagine how fast time goes by with 3+! Yikes. I don't think I'll know what that feels like. But I digress. Isabella is still chatting up a storm with anyone who will listen. A few weeks ago she started to laugh. I *LOVE* baby giggles. Seriously, the best sound in the world! I've been trying to capture it, but it's a no go. Every time I turn the camera on, she stops. She's also on more of a schedule. She takes approximately 5 - 6 ounce bottles (30 ounces) a day at 3 hour intervals from 9a to 9p. She sleeps well through the night from about 9p to about 8a. What more could a non-morning person ask for?! She currently fits perfectly into 3-6 month clothing, but I've decided to forego this size and move her into 6 month clothing since she has a TON of it. Buying baby girl clothes is so irresistible, especially since I found a Carter's store near by. It's down right dangerous! Isabella's also been trying to sit up for a about a week now, so I've brought out the Bumbo. She likes being able to see more, but tummy time is still a challenge. She HATES being on her stomach for more than a few minutes. I think we'll be bringing out the excer-saucer in a few weeks.

As for Jacob, he's still doing really well with her. The most adorable thing he does is at night. Before he goes to bed, he makes sure he gives everyone a besito (kiss), and he'll even say Baby Besito. I've been super lucky that he's adjusted so well. And we have some BIG BOY news on Jacob that I'll be sharing soon in another post!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our 3rd Anniversary.

Three years ago today, I married my awesome hubby, and I couldn't be happier! He's the best partner I could ask for in life. Twelve years together, 3 years married, and 2 beautiful kids. He is my best friend, my shoulder, my rock. Here's to a lifetime together! Love you, babe!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Isabella's Baptism {The Celebration}

We celebrated Isabella's Baptism over the weekend! And it was perfect, despite the gloomy weather and a last minute venue change. We were originally going to have it outdoors, but it was a bit chilly and it rained a little. We served up tacos from a local taco guy, and the cake was from a well known local bakery, Beverly's Best. They've even had a show on TLC. The cake was filled with pineapple Bavarian cream and covered in a French buttercream. The food was good and the cake was yum! Favors were calendar magnets I made using Bella's picture, and I also made cake pops. The cake pops were a huge *HIT*! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, loved them. They were quite delicious. Of course, I did the decor. I had a ton of fun putting everything together, and I can't wait to do it again!

Need more party inspiration? Check out my party blog!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Baptism Sneak Peek

Isabella's Baptism is just around the corner, and I've been planning/creating like a mad woman! I have the majority of the decor completed, and I just need a few last minute things. The favors are almost done (there was *MAJOR* drama with those), and I have a few other things that need to be completed closer to the date. But for now, I have a small sneak peek for you. I made the invitations myself. I was looking through a well known invite site when I found one that I liked. But after looking at it, I knew I could make it myself, so I did. The color scheme is brocade pink, with gray and white accents. For the invites, I designed the cross knowing I would use it throughout the party decor. I can't wait to share the party with you!

Monday, October 11, 2010

{Shutter Love Tuesday: Babies} & A Sneak Peek

I'm participating over at the Trendy Treehouse's *Shutter Love Tuesday*. This pic is a sneak peak of Isabella's Baptism pictures that I took the other day. I have another sneak peek coming up soon!