Saturday, February 27, 2010

We're having a...

Yup, it's true! And I'm still in disbelief. We're having a little girl! The U/S tech found her goods pretty quickly, and it was confirmed a second time by a doctor. Ahhh! It's crazy. So, I had my U/S on Thursday, and the tech checked out the baby, however she couldn't get a good view of baby girl's heart. Because of this, I was also scanned by a doctor who also tried to check baby girl's heart, but he couldn't see it well. Baby girl looked good and her heart was beating, they just couldn't get the shot they wanted/needed, so I will be having another U/S in a month. After the U/S, I made a cake for my family to tell them the sex of the baby. I made a vanilla cake with a vanilla frosting, and tinted the filling pink. When I served the cake, I told them that the filling will either be pink or blue. But before I let them cut, I went around to everyone and asked what they thought it was going to be, the women said girl, the men said boy. My sister cut the cake, and immediately said, I knew it. Before we'd even found out the sex, she would refer to the baby as she, so she was right. And I just couldn't wait, I already bought her some pink things, a blanket and hat. It's only going to get worse!

I also enjoyed my girl's day out/spa day. My sister, my brother's GF, and I went to Glen Ivy and it was nice. Similar to Burke Williams, but I still like BW better. I had the mom-to-be massage and a facial. I was a little apprehensive at first 'cause I wasn't sure how good a massage would be laying on my side, but it was heaven, of course. And my facial, it made me glow, in a good way. I need to do this, at least, every other month, but that's not going to happen. Anywho, after the spa we went to lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, and we all enjoyed our lunch. I had a garden salad and a mini chicken and mushroom pizza. Yummm. Then we were off for some shopping. We first hit up Nordstrom Rack where I got a pair of Juicy Couture terry pants for $14 and Juicy shirt for half price. We then headed to the mall where we hit up more stores, and I resisted temptation to buy baby girl clothes. It was hard. But I had a great time, and what a great start to the weekend!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Kicks & Rolls

For the past few days, I've been feeling a lot of movement from the bean. I've actually felt it for quite a few weeks, but I would have to lay still and concentrate. Now, it's really obvious. It makes it that much more real! And I think it's one of the best things about pregnancy, being able to feel your baby move and being the only one to really feel it. I remember just before I had Jacob, I squeezed my belly and cried because I knew I wouldn't feel that feeling for a long time. But here we are again, and it's just as amazing the second time around. I love it. Also, I had a Dr's appointment last week, and all is good with the bean. Its heart was beating at round 150 bpm, no U/S (boo). However, the time has finally come for our big ultrasound. It's tomorrow afternoon! Ack! Hopefully the bean will cooperate this time and open its legs, if not, we might have to pay a visit to the gender U/S place, again. And my morning sickness is gone. Yay...kind of. I like that I'm not sick, but I'm hungry often. And the heart burn is slowly creeping in, same thing I had with Jacob. And, finally, I'm going to the spa and having a girl's day out! I'm having a prenatal massage and hopefully a facial, some shopping. I can't wait. I need to relieve some stress. Oy!

Top pic, if you look closely you can see the baby's head and torso
Bottom pic, those are feet (use your imagination)...
14 wks 3 days

Monday, February 22, 2010

Splish Splash

Jacob has a new pair of boots, rain boots that is. It's been unseasonably rainy here in So Cal, and Jacob loves to be outside, so I wanted to get him some rain boots. My sister actually got these for him. She beat me to the punch. Anyway, since it's been raining so much we've had the opportunity to go out, on a few occasions, to play out in the rain. And, of course, Jacob loved it. He kept on saying agua (water) and trying to jump in the puddles. Oh, and we laughed hysterically when he first put on the boots 'cause he was walking like a cowboy. But he eventually got the hang of it. And now, whenever he sees his boots he says mas agua (more water). Here are some pics of the first time, and some video...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Jasmine's Sweet Sixteen Pt 2

Jasmine's party turned out wonderfully, and everyone seemed to have a good time. The guests started arriving at 6pm and hor d'ourves were served 'til 6:30p in the main lobby. Guests were finally let into the ballroom at 6:30p where everyone took their seats for Jasmine's grand entrance. Jasmine was escorted not by her mother or father, but by Jacob. And he was pretty close to having a melt down. Poor thing. He wasn't used to such commotion. So, Jasmine came in and was crowned by her mom and dad, her grandmother (my mom) presented her with a promise ring, and a family friend presented her with her last childhood Barbie doll. Her dad gave a toast, and dinner officially began. I really didn't get to enjoy the food since I was responsible for dismissing tables, but they served chef carved prime prime rib along with potatoes, veggies, and pasta and green salad. They also had a toast bread station, and it was sooo good. Mmm. After dinner there was the father/daughter dance. Jasmine danced with all the important men in her life including her dad, uncles, and grandfather. The dance floor was then opened up for everyone.

After some dancing it was time for cake, and just before she cut the cake, Jasmine chose 16 people who've influenced her life. Each person came up to the cake table and lit a candle. The cake was 4 tiers of pure goodness. We had a similar cake for our wedding and it was just as delicious. The bottom layer and third layer were strawberry while the 2nd and 4th tier were fudge. Mmm. After the cake there was more dancing 'til the end of the night which was 11p. I had a nice souvenir from the party, a cold. Yup, I got sick. I should've known, I had been feeling crappy all week, but wasn't sure what I was getting. And Jacob enjoyed himself. He was the life of the party. He took over the dance floor. He danced with anybody and everybody. Seriously, he would get so mad if we had to sit him down or change his diaper. He had such freedom on the floor. And I hope to have some video/photo footage from the pros. They were all over him taking tons of pics of him and video. While planning was filled with drama, things came together perfectly, and I know my niece had a good time. Oh and by the way, before we started planning this party, Jasmine was asked if she wanted a car or a party...of course, she chose the party. Good choice, Jasmine. You know you're gonna get that car, too.

Takin' the mic...

He didn't want to leave this light alone...

My bro the DJ...

The birthday girl...

My sis and the b-day girl...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jacob's 18 month stats...

and V-day weekend update. Jacob had his doctor's appointment today. We were seen by someone different since we've changed insurance providers a few weeks ago, and I like his doctor, so far. Jacob is currently 33 inches tall, in the 90th percentile, and weighs 28 pounds, in the 80th percentile. The doctor said that he looks VERY healthy. Such great news! Oh, except he's starting with a cold. It's going around over here. He didn't have any shots, but he probably will during his next visit. Anywho, we'll hopefully be seeing a neurologist soon, too. Just for a check-up. And I've realized that Jacob is a ladies' man. He just draws them in with his kisses and waves. It's hilarious!

And I hope everyone had a fab Valentine's day weekend with their SO! I did! Jesse surprised me Friday night (to skip the V-day rush) with a dinner at The Melting Pot. I've been trying to get to this place for the last 3 V-days. I think Jess finally got the hint. And O.M.G. this place is delish! we had the Big Night Out, a 4 course dinner. It was just to die for. Yummm. And the chocolate...Just heaven. We had the Flaming Turtle, milk chocolate with 151 rum, caramel, and walnuts. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Jess also had some flowers delivered. A lovely bouquet of pink, white, and red tulips. They're so pretty. Thanks, babe! Love ya!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Jacob's 18 months!

My little toddler is a year and a half! I remember when he was born, and so little. Now he's starting to become opinionated and knows what he wants. And 6 months 'til his 2nd birthday. Oy, less than 6 months 'til the bean is here. Ack! Anywho, unfortunately, I do not have stats for Jacob since he'll be going to the doctor next week. I will share those after his appointment. I have no idea how tall he is or how much he weighs, but we'll soon see. He's currently in size 24 mos, but more for length than width. Jacob has learned a lot in the last three months. He's become such a mimic and entertainer. He's hilarious. If he makes you laugh, he will do the same thing over and over to get a laugh out of you. And he's an eater! He likes food, a lot. Well regular food that is, no Gerber Grads/baby food for him. He also loves sweet and sour stuff. He loves cake and ice cream, and he loves pickles and lemons! Yuck. My mouth puckers just thinking about it.

Jacob's vocab currently consists of choo choo, juice, cheese, banana, mmm mmm (not really a word, but I love how he says it when he sees food), mouth, plane, and others I can't quite remember. Oh, and he says bye-bye, and blows kisses then waves good bye. It's crazy to see the words he understands. Like when I tell him to get his jacket/shoes, or it's time to eat fooda (yeah, that means we're going to eat). Or get your juice/agua (water). He points to his diaper to change it! Please let this be a sign of a good potty trainer. Ugh, and there's the other dilemma, do we potty train before or after the new bean?! Do we put him in a toddler bed before/after? So many big decisions.

His personality is the most exciting thing to see. He's so unlike Jess and myself. He's very outgoing, and man is he a dancing machine. He L.O.V.E. loves music. For awhile, he would rock out to Lady Gaga's Bad Romance, now he's non-discriminating. He'll dance to a commercial jingle. And can I say, thank God he hasn't had a seizure. I can't lie though, last week, for a couple days, he was having high fevers, but I was aggressive and on top of them. It's what the neurologist told me to do, so I did it, and we survived. I hope we go a looong time without 'em. He has some sharp teeth coming in. But he truly is the light of my life, and I love him more than life itself. Everyday he makes us laugh, and I can't imagine this world without him! I love you, bub!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jasmine's Sweet Sixteen Pt 1

On Saturday, February 6th, we celebrated my niece's 16th birthday. The day started off gloomy and rainy, but by the end of the night the skies were dry. The theme of the party was Masquerade. The color of the decor was white with gold accents. Centerpieces consisted of Eiffel tower glass vases topped with feathers and a white and gold mask. Favors were white chocolate masks dusted lightly with a gold candy powder along with a gold half mask. The seating chart was displayed in a picture frame, and the guests were asked to sign a photo mat. The cake was covered in butter cream swirls and topped with the same mask that was on the centerpieces. While I was not the sole creator for this event, a lot of my ideas were used. Five months ago, when we first started planning this party it was to be a Mardi Gras themed party, but I had a vision, a vision of white. And so, they let me run with the white. Everything turned out fabulous. I was complemented relentlessly by the banquet staff, and after everything had been put in its place the event coordinator asked me for my business card. I told her I would have one for her in 6 months. She gave me her name and said when I get those business cards together, I should give her a call. I'm very proud of this party. As soon as we get the pro pics I will share them, but for now here are some pics I took of the details...

The birthday girl with Jacob...

The invite and RSVP card...


Head table...

A set table...


Seating chart/Sign-in table...

Toast table...

The cake...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

16 weeks: Pink or Blue?

I'm now 4 months pregnant! Ahhh, where does the time go? A few weeks ago, when I was just a little over 14 weeks, we (the hubs, the bubs, my sis, my niece and my nephew) went to find out what we were having. We made the drive all the way out to this elective ultrasound place where they do gender determination for $25. I used the same office for Jacob, but I went at around 17 or 18 weeks. Anywho, so we made the drive out. And this was a very last minute appointment. I had been so unsure of going because I wasn't completely sure I wanted to know, but I made the decision that if they had the appointment time that I wanted, at the last minute, that I would do it. I called and they had time. We get there and I fill out their paper work, pay the money, and they escort us all into a big room with 2 TVs and comfy couch seating. We start the test. The U/S tech shows us the bean's head, body, and feet. Everything looks good, and then she gets to its bottom. And for 30 minutes the bean did NOT want to cooperate. It opened it's legs only twice! And not for very long. I walked around the room, drank cold water, drank a sugary drink, and nothing! It changed positions, and that was it. So here we are, still unsure about the sex of the bean, but they offered a small discount if we decide to return for a second gender U/S. Part of me wants to know, but another part of me wants to wait 'til the big U/S. I have a doctor's appointment in 1 week, so we shall see...

14 weeks and 3 days along...

Monday, February 8, 2010

I've been nominated!

Ahhh, not once but twice! Thank you to Kelly at Spice It Up and Jennifer at and baby makes five! Both girls have amazing blogs that I read on an almost daily basis. Kelly has everything on her blog from recipes and deals to daily mommy adventures. Jennifer does a great job of documenting her boys' many adventures. Not to mention that all of our little ones are around the same age, so it's great to see what each little one gets into. If you're not familiar with any of these blogs, head on over and check 'em out!

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the person who nominated me for this award.
2. Copy the award & place it on my blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated me for this award.
4. Share 7 interesting things about myself.
5. Nominate 7 bloggers.

Seven Interesting Facts:
1. I love staying in and watching TV shows I have on my DVR. I have a bunch.
2. My top favorite TV shows from the last few months are Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, and The Tudors.
3. I have been sick twice in the last 3 weeks. I had one week off.
4. We just celebrated my niece's sweet 16, and I got RAVE reviews for my event decor!
5. I'm very seriously considering opening up my own event decor business.
6. Jacob loves to dance. I didn't know how much until my niece's party. He was tearing up the dance floor.
7. I LOVE to shop for bargains. I hate paying full price unless I'm in dire need of something.

I nominate: some have already been nominated, but deserve another mention :0)
1. Kelly @ Spice It Up
2. Jennifer @ and baby makes five
3. Julie @ Ross Family Adventures
4. Liz @ Livin like a Bea
5. Shannon @ Life After I "Dew"
6. Kara @ Live Inspired
7. Wendy @ Whimsy & Wise Events

Now let's see your random facts, ladies!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I've been featured...again!

So after being featured at The Creative Party Place, I was also featured at Whimsy & Wise Events! Woo hoo! Twice in one week. Wendy over at W & WE, inspires people with creative party ideas, and not only that, but she's my neighbor! Ah! Small world. So head on over to Wendy's blog. You'll find tons of creative ideas for all kinds of parties from baby showers to 50th birthdays. And if you're in the LA/OC area drop her an email and book a consult for your next party!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I've been featured...

at The Creative Party Place! Ack, I'm so excited. Check out my feature on their site! It's the Mod Monkey Party. I submitted Jacob's 1st birthday party after using the site for a ton of party ideas. I remember looking through the site for ideas on monkeys and polka dots. I couldn't wait to share the outcome to Jacob's party and share my ideas. I continue to use the site for party ideas and highly recommend the site to others looking for cute, adorable party ideas. They not only have tons of ideas for boy and girl parties, but great ideas for 1st birthday parties and baby showers. They also have ideas to help plan out the little details like invitations, creative cakes, and scrumptious goodies. If you haven't been to The Creative Party Place, you've got to check 'em out!