Monday, February 2, 2009


Jacob has found his toes! Last Thursday my niece was playing with him when she sat him down and he started playing with his toes. He started out with socks and ended up barefoot. It was really cute to see him just stare and grab them. I could tell he really wanted to put them in his mouth which was evident by a big pool of drool. Now, whenever he sits down, he goes straight for them, luckily they haven't ended up in his mouth...yet! He's also started doing raspberries. It's funny to see a spray of drool shoot out of nowhere! Not so funny when I'm trying to feed him green beans and end up covered in them. Yuck! Okay, he's started to do another thing. He has a fake cough. At first it was cute, but now I'm starting to get a little worried. He does it quite a bit now and I have no idea why. At first I thought he did it 'cause whenever he coughs laying down we sit him up and he likes sitting up, but he does it even when he's upright. We'll see if it stops soon. We're also less than two weeks away from Jacob's half birthday. My baby's growin' so fast!


Our weekend was pretty boring. Saturday my niece had a Winter Guard competition. Her group performed to Duffy's Warwick Avenue (I think that's what the song was called!). They did really well and were robbed! They should have, at the very least, gotten third place, if that. Unfortunately, they did not place :0(

Jasmine (left) bustin' a move...

Sunday we just hung out at home. Jess watched the game and I did nothing. Visit my sister for a bit. Oh, and I've been trying to get school work done. I'm really a horrible procrastinator. It's really what I do best, and I can't afford it this semester. I've started my portfolio, but I'm nervous about it. I have this fear that I'm not going to pass, it's the same anxious feeling I used to get before an exam. I hate it. But if all goes as planned, I will graduate in May! Yay! Unfortunately, if I decide to walk I have to go up north to my school. I really want to wear my hood, and my friends and family are all a go. We shall see.

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