Thursday, June 10, 2010

Growth U/S Update

I had another growth ultrasound, and Isabella's looking good! She's right on target for weight. She's weighing in at about 5 pounds which is what she should be at, since I am 33 weeks along. However, I'm not looking good. For the last few days, my hands and feet have been swelling. But, in my defense, it's only when I'm walking and doing a lot of stuff. But the doctor at the U/S asked about my blood pressure, and I told her it was a little high at my last OB appt and that I had swelling the last few days. She immediately requested that I start NSTs right away, so I'll be going for my first NST within the next couple of days instead of next week. The Dr said she wants to keep an eye out for pre-eclampsia since high BP and GD are risk factors for it. This is all very reminiscent of my 1st pregnancy. I know that since pre-e is being discussed it basically means that baby girl has a better chance out of my body than in, and it also means that from the time of diagnosis, whether it be days, weeks, or a month, she can come at any time. And it's time to get a bag ready. Let the testing begin. I have a love/hate relationship with NSTs. They give great peace of mind, but they are very time consuming. I could be there for an hour, or 3 or 4. It all depends on how Ms. Isabella's doing and how my BP is doing. I knew I would be here at this point with testing again, but I had a tiny amount of hope that I would not. I think I mind it a whole lot more this time because I have Jacob, and I don't like leaving him to go lay in a bed for a few hours. But I know it's for the good of his sister. Ah, well. I got to do what I got to do. Hopefully, Isabella and I come through healthy and we make it these next 7 weeks with flying colors.


MrsKBJ said...

Good luck with the tests. I had hbp win Madison and it still is a tad high when I got to dr appt. Not fun!! Bring a good book/ magazine to the stress test and have a friend/ family member watch Jacob that way you can relax more.

MrsKBJ said...
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