Thursday, January 28, 2010

Under the Weather pt 2 & pt 3

Yup, now we're ALL sick with the stomach bug. It first started with Jacob, then Jess, and then me. Luckily, for me, I had a mild case, but Jacob and Jess have had it pretty bad. Jacob's still eating bland foods, and eating very little. I'm almost feeling 100% and I'm hungry, but I'm afraid to eat. So bland food has been on my plate. Jess thinks he can eat whatever he wants, but HE CAN'T! Will he ever learn?! Oh, and get this, it's not the best time to have plumbing problems. Yeah, you heard me. Try having no toilets for the last 16 hours. Uh, yeah...thank goodness it was at night, and no one was as severely sick like the last few days. But it doesn't stop there. The bug has also hit my brother-in-law. I'm hoping, for the rest of my family's sake, it stops soon. We have a big party next weekend, my niece's sweet 16, and everyone's got to be there. There's going to be a big celebration. I can't wait to share pictures.

On another note, our little bean is doing good. I saw it last Thursday and its little heart beat. It gets me every time. I tear up. And the dilemma of the moment: Should we go have an early ultrasound to find out the gender? Like tomorrow? Jess thinks we should wait 'til the big U/S, but I'm impatient, and we did it early with Jacob. I want to know what it is now...actually I wanted to know 14 weeks ago! Ah, decisions, decisions.

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