Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Isabella & Potty Training

A couple weeks ago, I decided, cold turkey, to potty train Isabella. I was just so tired of diapers, and I thought she was ready. She did really well the first week. She was pretty much PT, but then the following week...things changed. She started peeing outside of the toilet. Yes, outside. I thought this was only a boy problem, but according to my research, and a google search, it is not! So, because of this, Bella kind of regressed. She started having accidents. I also blame preschool. She does not go potty at preschool because of the comfort of her pull-up. But, I get her into her underwear as soon as we get home. And start the training process all over again. Oh, and forget about #2. I'm also using the same techniques that I used for Jacob - a potty chart with stickers and M & Ms. I upped the ante with #2 and offering a cookie. I'm thisclose to giving up. We'll see how long it takes us to get to the end of the potty training road. At the rate we're going I feel like it's going to be a year. They say girls are easier to PT, but Jacob was easier. 3 days and he was done. This girl is trying my patience.

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