Saturday, June 21, 2008

Heat Wave...

Gosh, is it hot or what?! Yesterday, it was so stinking hot I did not want to do a thing, and well, I didn't. Okay, I did. We made a trip to Costco to grab some necessities, and then to my fav. Target to grab some other necessities like our very first package of diapers and wipes, stuff for my hospital bag, and a bunch of other junk. Other than that, I stayed in the AC as much as possible. I was drained after those little trips.

Thursday afternoon I had another baby check-up. Baby boy still looks good. He's been a real mover and shaker lately. I think he's getting ready. All is well for momma and baby.

Speaking of baby, today he will have his first photo shoot. We're taking maternity photos! We'll see how they come out and if I like them. If I do, I'll post them, if not, they'll just be placed in a box in the attic. BTW, this was like the worst weekend to take pictures. I picked the date about a month in advance, so I really couldn't gauge what the weather would be like. Oh, well. But stay tuned for some *possible* pictures.

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