Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Twice in 1 day...

I've yet to post twice in one day, but here's my chance. I wanted to update about my OB appointment from this morning 'cause I got some good news. So, my appointment was scheduled to be at 10:45a, and I got there and the nurses were starting to turn appointments away. Apparently my doc had a delivery, and when I over heard him in the hallway he mentioned he'd be back in 30 - 45 minutes 'cause the lady had 3 kids already and this one should be easy. So, needless to say I didn't see my doc 'til about 12:30p. I didn't mind 'cause I just wanted to get it over with, and am I glad I did. Th doc said everything was still looking good, my BP was normal, and baby's HB was great at around 150. Oh, and baby is measuring 37 weeks! Hello! I'm only 33.5 weeks! So, he's ordering a growth ultrasound. Ummm, he said some of it could be mommy and let's just hope most of it is just mommy. Then he also mentioned that since my NSTs and ultrasounds have been great along with my BP, he said we could cancel them! Yay! I mean they were a great peace of mind thing, but they're sooo time consuming. I mean, me and Jess had to set aside a good 2-4 hours of time. And he said that since I'm so "normal" we are looking to go ALL THE WAY! All the way to my due date that is, of course permitting good health. Ack! I'm so relieved...for now.
Happy Face


Anonymous said...

Great news! Finally...Now don't get all excited and start running around doing errands. That's what Jesse is supposed to do.

Jennifer said...

Normal is great! That's awesome news!