Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's shakin'...

Can you say earthquake?! It scared the crap out of me! All I could think was, "Please don't be the big one, please don't be the big one," and thank goodness, it wasn't. A 5.4 magnitude hit at around 11:42 this morning. It was centered in Chino Hills, a city that's located around 15 miles away (or a good 30 minute drive). During this time, I was supposed to be at a doctor's appointment, but luckily the doctor's office had just reschedule me for an afternoon appointment. Since I had some time to kill, I had decided to hang Baby J's name on the wall. I went to grab a yard stick when all of a sudden everything started shaking, and it lasted a good 20-30 seconds. I had the news on already and they broke into the story quickly. We had two after shocks that followed, and I have not felt anything since. Thank God everyone is okay!

I had my OB appointment today. Baby's looking good, but I'm not. This rash is driving me up the wall! Doc decided to give me something stronger and hopefully it works. I also have numb hands. Yes, numb. I cannot feel my pointer, middle, and ring fingers on both my hands, and it's worse when I wake up in the morning when my hands are completely numb and achy. And well, it's pretty much guaranteed that we'll meet baby boy within the next 2 weeks. Doc recommends that I have a c-section, however he'd like another growth ultrasound. Yay for another ultrasound, but boo to the c-sect. I'm a little bummed about the c-sect but I kind of knew the chances of having one we're going to pretty high. However, there's always a possibility that I may go into labor on my own. I hope this happens, but as far as I know (or feel) nothing is happening. No significant contractions at all, nada. Again, however, there's a possibility to still go into labor with out any foreshadowing symptoms. We'll see what happens within the next couple of weeks.

Let's talk about the weekend. Saturday I went with my sister and her family to drop off my nephew at camp. It's a cute little camp located just a few miles from the beach in Malibu. The drive was nice and scenic. We cruised up the coast through PCH, and scoped out all of the beach bums and celeb cottages on our way to the top. On the way back down we were starving and my niece had mentioned an Italian restaurant they had gone to a few weeks ago that they absolutely loved called Louise's Trattoria. I ordered the chicken marsala along with a caesar salad and lemonade. The food was delicious, and they have the best foccacia bread e.v.e.r. Sunday I spent the afternoon with my brother, sister, mom, and niece house hunting for my brother. After that, we had dinner at a yummy Mexican restaurant in Yorba Linda. The name escapes me, but it was good. I had a a chimichanga. Yum!

As for the rest of the week. I have nothing planned but to finish getting Baby J's stuff together. Wish us luck and lots of labor *dust*!

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