Saturday, July 12, 2008

Vegging out.

It's Saturday night, and I'm home alone doing nothing at all. Rumor Has It... is on in the background, but I don't feel like watching it. But I did spend my afternoon doing stuff. Kind of. We went to my little cousin's birthday party. It was quite a little shindig complete with bouncer and piƱata. Oh and a taco guy. Yum. But it was hot as heck out there. I was melting and quite uncomfortable. We left after only a few hours. Looking forward to another "party" tomorrow.

Thursday, July 10th was my mom's and nephew's birthday. We celebrated with my mom's version of Chinese food which was delicious. She made fried rice with vegetables and chicken, and I made the cake...

I should be a cake decorator, don't you think? Yeah, right. But it was tasty. Actually, I've always wanted to do those cake decorating classes at Michael's but have always procrastinated doing them. Maybe one day I'll actually do it. So anyway, since it was their birthday we're going to have another little get together tomorrow afternoon. I think I've reached party overload.

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