Friday, August 1, 2008

His place...

I've finally finished Baby J's "place." I say "place" because we have to share our room with Baby J, but our room is huge. We comfortably fit...for now. However, I'm hoping and praying, and if all goes well, that within the next 6 months this will change and Baby J will have his own room. When and if it does happen I will definitely update. Anywho, his "place" took about 2 months to put together, but it's done. We decided to go with the Wendy Bellissimo Honey Bee theme. This was my first choice, but I thought it was too pricey, so I bought another more modern pattern. Well, when I got the modern set I didn't really love it, and neither did my sister. So she took me to Babies 'R' Us and while browsing the store we came upon the Honey Bee set. My sister new I'd liked this set, and since it was on sale, due to discontinuation, my sister bought it for us, including most of the accessories. I've put up most of the accessories, but we don't have that much room. Oh, and Baby J's name will be revealed as soon as he arrives, and to those out there who may already know it...keep it to yourselves! Anyway, here's our set-up. We also have a TV, computer desk, and glider in our room that are not pictured.


It's Friday! Finally! I also have exactly 2 weeks 'til my due date... crazy! I'm so excited and ready to meet baby. Last night, Jess and I went to an infant care/breastfeeding class. It got me really excited to see and meet Baby J. We learned the typical stuff on diapering, swaddling, bathing, and nursing. I didn't need to go to the class, but I'm glad I did. Oh, and I had the same nurse from our Lamaze class. She offered her lactation consultant services to me, and I'm so glad. I don't think she's that weird anymore! Other than that, we have a pretty busy weekend ahead. Today, I'm going to lunch with my sis and her family, and they invited me to see the Batman movie, but no thanks. I'm not into that stuff. Saturday we have my little cousin Jaden's first birthday party. It's a pirate theme, and after that we have a 46th birthday luau. Sunday, I'll probably be recuperating or shopping, or something. Again send us lots of labor *dust* or something! Even Jess is ready for Baby J to come out!

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Jennifer said...

Everything looks great! I am sending labor dust your way!