Friday, September 5, 2008

Mommy loves bargains.

Yes, I do. And since I love when someone shares a good bargain with me, I like to do the same. Since becoming a mom, I've been introduced to a couple of websites that have excellent bargains and coupons. There are two that I visit on a daily basis. After logging in, the first thing I do is check these two websites. The first is This website sells premium related baby items from maternity belly bands to strollers. I have only made two purchases from this website and the service was decent. My only con about this place is that the items are redundant, but if you missed an item it might just be back and the prices are great. I bought Jacob a couple of pairs of shoes by Me-In-Mind, and they were originally $26 each, but were introduced on the site for $10 a pair. I also bought a Timi and Leslie Backpack originally $150, but I got it for $35.



The second website I visit daily is They also have premium baby and kid related stuff available, from maternity items to CDs/DVDs. This place has much cuter stuff than Mama Bargains, however it's difficult to find stuff in stock. They sell out pretty quickly, especially with me being on the west coast, I often don't get to the good stuff.

I also have a few websites I visit a few times a week. is a blog that posts deals on the web from shoes to baby gadgets. They also post coupons and where to find great deals on formula and diapers. They even have a run down on diaper price comparisons by the cent. I've used a couple of resources on this site to find good deals.

A site for everyone. A Full Cup offers coupons and deals among several stores which are listed on its forums home page. I've found several coupons that I've used, and I often look here for coupons before I hit a store.

And finally, has awesome coupon codes that are especially good for online shopping. I've gotten a Victoria's Secret bikini and tote for like $5 including s/h. However, there is a down side. This is a popular website and you have to be lucky enough to get to the deal before it's exploited across the net. For example, Borders had a $5 off coupon, and it was working on each item placed in my cart, but as soon as this code was leaked across the net the Borders site began running super slow and orders started to be canceled. It's to be understood when people were getting 100 books for only $20.

These are just a few of my favorite sites, and I hope I can help someone out there save a buck or two. Happy shopping!

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Whoa--someone's been doing their homework! Cool!