Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sweet Peace.

Yes, it truly lives up to its name. We purchased the SweetPeace by Graco a few weeks ago and, fortunately for us, Jacob likes it. He likes to swing from side-to-side instead of the usual back and forth. He seems to like the sound effects instead of the lullabies. We have yet to hook up our ipods, but I'm going to download some stuff for him very soon.

Here he is enjoying it...

He really does like it...

Jacob also likes bath time now. However, he hates getting his hair and body washed, but he loves the water on him. He actually squealed a little during the last bath.

We also started tummy time, but he doesn't really love it, yet. He actually is really strong already and can hold his head up for quite awhile. I think we're going to try a play mat next time.

And if these pictures aren't enough, we're going to take the little monkey to have pro pics taken for his one month birthday. We are using the same photog that did my maternity photos because her prices can't be beat, and well, since she knows me, she's giving me a bit of a deal. Yay! We also bought monkey's costume. Tune in after Halloween to find out what he's going to be. I may get pro pics for that, too.

The monkey and I have been, pretty much, on our own since Monday. Jess went back to work, and so far, so good. Yesterday was a little rough, he stood up for a good 6 hour stretch during the day and feeding was a little off, but we made it through the day. I can't imagine what it will be like when he stays up for most of the day.

And my monkey's 4 weeks old today. Time is flying so fast. He'll be a month on Saturday. Ack, whenever I watch A Baby Story, or anything baby related, I get a little teary-eyed. Oh, and the next one keeps coming up. We may try sooner than later, but we have to see how things play out and how I'm healing, and stuff. I should be released next week at my OB appointment to get back to normal. Whatever that is...


Jennifer said...

He holds his head up SO good!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good updates! I have yet to have a ride in the swing. What's the weight limit?

Being born on the 13th of any month is awesome. He is indeed blessed.