Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is what I have done to my blog. Unfortunately, with being a mom, wife, and student, something has to give, and it's my time spent blogging. I'm sad 'cause I love to blog. It's very therapeutic for me, and I love to share my experiences. My goal now is to, at the very least, blog once a week.

So, it's Tuesday, and I've been trying to blog since last Thursday. I had a chance to give my blog a small face lift, but as soon as I try to write, Jacob comes a calling...or err, crying. Anywho, I got Jacob's pictures! I love them. I thought we would have slim pickings, but the photog got quite a few, and I'm very happy. Now I have to decide which ones I want the photog to develop. Pretty tough, but I think I have an idea. Here are a few of my favorites...

My weekend was pretty uneventful. Friday Jesse and I went to a Dodgers game against the hated Giants. Unfortunately, the Dodgers got killed, and we had to leave early 'cause of Jacob and my horrid allergies. Yup, I get seasonal allergies, and with the changing weather they have been kicking my butt. I hate them. But nonetheless I still had fun at the game. We sat field level right next Manny. And Jesse forgot the camera. I also had my favorite baseball food. A Dodger dog and garlic fries. The hot dog was good, but the fries were fully loaded with so much garlic, I would scare off any vampire. Seriously, they had so much garlic my mouth was on fire. The very last time I will have them 'til next season.

Saturday was spent with the girls...and one boy. The boys went to a Dodgers game (against the Giants - Dodgers won!), and Jacob and I hung out with my sister and my niece. We ordered some food, baked brownies, and watched the movie Bordertown with JLo. It was really good. It's about the many unsolved murders of the women of Juarez, Mexico. Really sad, but the issue is important to get out there. And Sunday, I was sick as a dog with allergies. I vegged at home and did absolutely nothing. I felt horrible, and I still felt horrible on Monday, but today I feel much better. And now Jacob is calling...err crying!

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