Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3 months 'til the big 1!

Jacob is 9 months today! That means only 3 more months 'til the big ONE! His 9 month wellness check up isn't until May 22nd, so I'm going to guesstimate his stats. I weighed him on our home scale and I got 20 pounds. He has really thinned out with his constant moving and crawling. I measured his height to be 30 inches, and he's in size 18 clothing now. We'll see in a few weeks how close, or far, I am to these measurements. I've already started to look into his first birthday party. I've found the theme, and it's for sure going to be a pool party. I'll start to get into it more in a month or two.

Finally, we're going on our first...ROAD TRIP! We're heading up to San Jose for my graduation! It's about 6 hours away, and I'm kind of nervous for Jacob. I have no idea what to expect, but hopefully he does okay. I'll recap when we return.

You can kind of see Jacob's 3 teeth in this pic, and he's getting two more in...

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Miss HoneyDew said...

he is too stinkin' cute!!! I love his big eyes!