Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas is in the air...

Here in the C household! Actually, I started decorating for Xmas the weekend after Thanksgiving. We borrowed my parents tree, which we downsized to fit comfortably in our tiny home. And I hung our stockings, and made a cheap but cute wreath. Our color scheme for our tree is silver, white, and blue. The ornaments are all plastic at the bottom, and I put the breakable ones on the top portion of the tree. I got the idea for my wreath last year from Eddie Ross. I bought all of my tools at the dollar store. It cost a total of $12 to make and I had leftovers. I used the leftovers for my tallest apothecary jar. You can find a bunch of tutorials online for the wreath. Just google - DIY ornament wreath. I think I spent a total of $20 bucks for ALL of our ornaments all from the dollar store. I love the way everything came out, but especially my wreath and tree.

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