Tuesday, March 8, 2011

One Bike Two Bikes

A few months ago, for Christmas, Jacob got an awesome Tony Hawk bike from his uncle. It was perfect timing for spring, or so I thought. The weather had been really nice the last few weeks and I decided it was time to break out his new bike, with matching helmet and all. Well, Jess put it together, and Jacob seemed all gung ho...until he had to get on it. Forget it! He refused and still refuses to get on it. He likes to admire it...from afar. But if you ask him to get on it, he'll say no. So, after weeks of trying and him still refusing, we decided to get him something smaller and less intimidating. A tricycle! Well, after a couple of attempts, he will NOT pedal. We showed him, pushed him, encouraged him. And nothing. I know when he's ready he'll figure it out, but it's kind of frustrating 'cause I know he'll love it once he starts. All this drama from a kid who loves motorcycles! So, here's to hoping Jacob changes his mind, or something, and rides either one of his 2 bikes!

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