Thursday, August 18, 2011

Disneyland - Summer 2011!

I think I've mentioned a couple times, in a few other posts, that we've gone to Disneyland this summer. We actually made 3 trips. It was Isabella's first time and, of course, she was clueless. But she did awesomely well on each and every trip. This time around Jacob was older, and he enjoyed it much more than his first time last year. He was almost tall enough to ride on some big rides like Star Tours and Big Thunder Mountain. He was less than half an inch from reaching the line...with shoes!

During our first trip, we did CA Adventure, we made it all about Jacob. We did a lot of rides for him, including the Disney Junior show. And he loved it! He was able to recognize a lot of the characters, and he still talks about it. We also did A Bug's Land, and Jacob's request to ride the Ferris wheel. We also had the opportunity to watch World of Color. It was an awesome show, however I recommend only watching it on warm days and not in the winter. We got wet, and could only imagine how cold it would be to watch it in the winter. But it was an amazing show nonetheless.

Our second trip to Disneyland was to the actual park. We spent the day hitting Fantasy Land and Toon Town for Jacob first, and then the other biggies around Frontier Land. Jacob loved the little roller coaster in TT and according to my niece, screamed his head off. They went on the ride 2 times in a row! Jacob also wanted to go on Big Thunder Mountain, but he was just a pinch short.

Our last and final trip was the one where Jacob fell in love with Fantasmic. To this very day, he still talks about it. We've downloaded the music from the show, and thankfully, my sister videotaped the show for Jacob on his very last trip to the park. He watches it often. Jacob knows the whole show by heart. As he hears the music, you can just see it in his face. It's just precious. He'll recount who's next or coming up in the show's line up.

So, I think it's no surprise, but we'd really like to get annual passes again, and hopefully we will. If not, we can continue making our yearly trips.

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