Thursday, November 3, 2011

{DIY} Play Kitchen Progress

I've started on the kids' play kitchen! I thought I might lag on it, but I've actually started. I do have to say it's slow going. I've only been working on it one day a week. But luckily, my dad and my hubby have been very helpful. So far, I've taken the drawers out and apart, and my hubby sanded it down for me. My dad help me make the hole for the sink, and now I'm waiting on the faucet. I actually had quite a few to choose from (thanks to my dad), but I want just the right one. It's actually coming from my sister's house. She's changing out a sink faucet and I want the old one! I'm kind of struggling on the colors. I thought I had it but I changed my mind, so I'm going to visit Joann's to see what kind of fabric they have and pull from that. I still have a color scheme in mind, but I hope I can find a fabric that will work. My other problem is that I want it to be unisex, so no flowers, hearts, or pink. But I'm so glad it's coming along. I will keep you updated, and at the end I will do one big summary including cost.

Here it is now...

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