Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year I decided to coordinate the kids' costumes. At first, I wanted Isabella to be a ladybug, but I had no idea what Jacob was going to be. We started deciding in August, and I would ask him what he wanted to be. He had no clue. But around his birthday, he got really into Peter Pan and fell in love with Captain Hook, and the tic-toc (crocodile). Initially, he wanted to be a crocodile, but it was too close to what he was last year (dragon). So, we went with Captain Hook. And then it was only fitting that Bella be Tinker Bell. For Jacob's costume, we used a hand-me-down from my nephew who is now 15 years old. I bought the hat at the Disney Store and the hook from the Dollar Tree. With Bella, I searched high and low for a Tink costume I liked, but they were all so basic and simple, and each was around $25 and up. No thanks. So, I made hers. Well, my mom helped. I made the pink tutu and the poofs on her slippers. My mom made the green leaf skirt and the slippers. I picked up the wings at the Dollar Tree. I didn't mean for their costumes to be so inexpensive but hey, I can't complain. I think they came out cute!

This year for Halloween, we did the same thing we do every year. We trick or treated around our neighborhood. The kids lasted about an hour and a half. We got a decent haul, but the kids don't eat candy. So it's my haul? Jacob adored it ALL. He would walk up and in his little voice say, "Trick or treat!" And when they gave him candy he would tell them, "I'm Captain Hook!" It was so cute. Bella just enjoyed going along for the ride. It was perfect, but too bad it was on a Monday. Boo. I can't wait to see what they're going to be next year!

Lastly, we carved our pumpkins a week before Halloween. Big mistake. They were yucky for Halloween. Oh well. Next year, we need to do them a little closer to Halloween. And it was only fitting to carve a Captain Hook pumpkin and  Tink one. I think they came out okay.

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