Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Class of 2012!

A few weeks ago, actually it's been almost a month, we celebrated my niece's graduation. And you can bet I was all over it! Her school colors were navy and gold (yellow) and we ran with the black in a typical graduation celebration. I designed the invites and also took the pictures used for the invite. We had the ubiquitous candy bar, and like before, it was a hit! Well, it was a hit because we always use candy that people actually like! Not just the nasty candy that matched the color scheme. Yuck.*Side Story* When my sister and I went to buy the candy for the table, we saw this lady buying matching candy for a party, a baby shower to be exact. And we asked her, do people eat all of that candy and she said, "no not really...It just looks nice." Um, hello! I'm not going to spend tons of money on candy that no one's going to eat! And it's one thing I noticed in A LOT of candy tables, nasty candy. So, here's a hint, get candy that people like! Okay, off my soap box. The candy table had several different candies, cupcakes, and memorabilia my niece collected throughout her school years. The cupcakes were hilarious! There's a TMI story in there about the cupcakes but the food coloring in the blue cupcakes left the guests with blue mouths! Not good, LOL! But they were tasty nonetheless. My sister had a taco guy, the same one we've used for all of our huge parties, and he gets rave reviews every time. Yum! The centerpieces were yellow roses wrapped in ribbon. And here are the pictures!

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