Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Riding the Colorado River!

We recently took a trip to Laughlin, Nevada to go sea-dooing along the Colorado River. We stayed at this awesome casino & resort along the river. However, when I heard the word "casino" I was not too thrilled, but this place was very family friendly. There were quite a few families with children of all ages.

I seriously had the best time on this trip! And so did everyone else. The kids did remarkably well on the car trip to and from, and I was more prepared from our last impromptu car trip to San Fran. This time I brought backpacks for each kid filled with things to do. Also, a HUGE savior was the iPad to watch movies and the iTouch to play games. Oh, and lots of snacks! I think they ate most of the time.

We had one day on the river and I wished we'd had at least two! Isabella loved just sitting on the beach playing with the sand and water. She played for hours! Jacob LOVED sea-dooing! He went out at least three times and could not get enough. Jess and I took a trip out onto the CO river together and we were out for over an hour! It was sooo much fun! We're thinking about going back before the summer is over. Or at least making it a yearly tradition! I can only hope!

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