Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Star Wars & Minnie Mouse Party

Last weekend we had a double celebration for Jacob's 4th birthday and Isabella's 2nd birthday. Jacob was insistent on having a Star Wars party, and Isabella is into Mickey & Minnie Mouse. I really tried to get Jacob to do the Mickey & Minnie theme but he was not having it! But it's okay, I think the combo worked out perfectly. And it was great having only ONE party. The party was smallish with a crowd of about 50 including the kids. We served up Italian food, and tons of goodies. I made marshmallow pops, and sugar cookies using a Mickey Mouse cookie cutter and sprinkled them with chocolate. Those cookies were yum! Too bad I only made a dozen. We also served up two different cakes along with cookie and cream cupcakes and red velvet cupcakes. The red velvet cupcakes were sooo good. Yum! Oh, and ice cream too. I also made Mickey shaped cookies for each goody bag. I only made ears on those cookies. I also put together baby food jars filled with M & Ms, and included those with the goody bags. The bags also had sidewalk chalk, Star Wars fruit snacks and stickers, Mickey & Friends stickers, a water ball, and candy. And I can't forget the lightsabers I made out of pool noodles for each kid. Those were a MAJOR hit!

And I can't forget the special guest of the day...Darth Vader! This was a last minute guest, and I mean LAST. MINUTE. I decided to go with him just a few days before, and I'm glad I did. Jacob loved him! He totally knew that it wasn't really Darth Vader, but he could care less. I say that was the best money spent out of the entire party. Well, that and the Star Wars jumper we had! Jacob had a really good time. So good, in fact, that he asked for another Star Wars party. And Isabella enjoyed her party too. She still asks for the jumper :( Makes me want to go out and buy one for her. I also must add that Isabella likes Star Wars too. She hums the theme song along with Jacob but I'm sure she does not love it as much as him.

WARNING: Lots of pictures!

Star Wars & Minnie Mouse Party

The invitation I designed.

Minnie Mouse Cake

Star Wars Cake

Minnie Mouse Cupcakes

Star Wars Cupcake Toppers

Star Wars MIckey & Friends Goody Bag

Baby Food Jar Favors

Light Saber Pool Noodles

Star Wars Jumper

Minnie Mouse Centerpiece
Minnie with a bow

Minnie with a hat

Mickey Mouse Centerpiece

Star Wars Centerpieces

Tablecloth Decor

He spotted Darth Vader!

Using the force!
DIY Minnie Mouse shirt for myself.

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