Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Isabella's 2 Years Old!!

My Isabella is now 2 years old! Two! I can't believe it. Where does the time go? Didn't we just celebrate her 1st birthday? Well, now that Isabella is 2 she is into Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She loves watching anything with those 2 characters especially Minnie's Bowtique. Isabella's favorite food is the cookie. Anything sweet actually. She's a slightly picky eater, actually very picky, no veggies for her unless they're hidden. She's known as the cookie monster. And no, she does not like Sesame Street.

Her vocabulary now consists of short sentences, and she will definitely let you know when she is happy or mad. I love it when she says the word Figaro (the name of Minnie's cat) cause she says it Fig-eh-yo. She's also heavily into old, and I mean real old, Mickey and friends cartoons. She's still my little firecracker, and definitely keeps me on my toes. But she does have a cautious side. For example, she is very rough and can take a fall without crying, but take her on a Disneyland ride such as Gadget Coaster and she will hold on for dear life with a scared look on her face. LOL! I know this because we took her to Disneyland for her birthday and she went on the little coaster for the first time.

So, as I said, we went to Disneyland for her birthday, and I finally took her to meet Mickey and Minnie. She was a little hesitant at first with Minnie but she was more open with Mickey. And, for her actual birthday, which fell on a Saturday, we celebrated with a small family BBQ. My niece made her a rainbow cake, the kids did some swimming, and Bella opened some presents. I think she had a great birthday. BUT we're still having a bigger birthday party!

Isabella had her 2 year check up, and she's still my big girl. She is measured in at 37" tall! And she weighed 34 pounds! She's still in the 100%tile. But she's completely healthy, and she had 2 shots. Poor babe. She did NOT like those at all. Oh, and an anemia check. She was NOT a happy camper, but she got over it quickly and went on with her day perfectly happy. My beautiful baby girl...

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