Monday, August 20, 2012

Jacob is 4!

Last Monday we celebrated Jacob's 4th birthday. We went to Disneyland and he went on Space Mountain for the very first time. He's been tall enough to ride for about 6 months but I wanted to be sure he was emotionally ready to handle it. And he was! He loved it! And because it was his birthday he got to sit in the front! I was a little worried about that, but he did fine.

We went on a few rides after that but the day was getting hot so we left around lunch time. We then headed to Farrell's ice cream parlor to continue the celebration. They sang a birthday song for him and Jacob's face throughout the song was priceless. No smile just a raised eyebrow. It was funny. We all had a good time, and Jacob especially had a great day!

Jacob also had his 4 year check-up. He's now 41.75 inches tall and weighs about 42 pounds. He did really well at his appointment. He got one shot and didn't cry. That's a big deal since he's usually a cry baby. My sensitive sweet boy. Right now Jacob is into anything and everything Star Wars. He loves to play the Star Wars Lego video game. It's kind of a difficult game but he can't get enough. He would play it 24/7. He still occasionally goes back to his favorite Cars and Captain Hook but Star Wars is #1. Jacob knows his colors, letters, and basic shapes. Next is teaching him to write and read basic words. Getting him ready for Kindergarten next year! He can also put on his shoes and goes to the bathroom 100% by himself. My baby boy is now a little boy who's becoming more independent each day, and I couldn't be prouder :)

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