Sunday, March 30, 2014

La Habra Earthquake

On Friday, March 28th, we had a huge earthquake epicentered in our city. Let's just say it's been a long weekend! Literally! I took a four day weekend to spend time with Jacob over his spring break. Thursday we relaxed and Friday we had a special day trip planned. More on that trip in an upcoming post. We got home in the early evening and we were just relaxing. It was 9:00 pm and we decided to put the kids to bed. At 9:08 pm, I looked at the clock, I was taking my medication when everything started shaking. My first thought was to get to the kids! I'm not going to lie, I freaked out! I freaked out because it was big and lasted awhile. The kids were oblivious at first. They were just wondering what was happening. 

The first night after the earthquake I did not sleep a wink. We had a slumber party in our bed. The kids slept with us all weekend. One thing I hated the most was that we've had A LOT of aftershocks and we've felt most of them, at least one to 2 each hour. It has been maddening. As I type this we just had a few small ones, luckily, we did not feel. We also had a bit of reprieve Saturday night at my cousin's house for poker night. I almost did not want to leave. We also considered staying at my brother.s house who lives out in Riverside county. However, the time and effort it would take to go to these places was just not woth it. But last night I reached a limit. I was so exhausted and overwhelmed, I finally slept a few hours. 

I'm still exhausted, and luckily, fortunately, the aftershocks have decreased but I still jump every time. I' m looking forward to getting back to normal with little or no earthly disturbances, but I guess we'll see. Definitely a weekend I won't ever forget. 

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