Monday, June 1, 2009

A weekend of new things...

We had a busy weekend, and they're just going to get busier now that party season has arrived (aka summer). Our Sunday was spent at a christening for a cousin, and she looked adorable in her beautiful gown. The day was perfect, and lucky for us, Jacob was on his best behavior. He did let out a couple of screams during mass, but nothing obvious since there were a ton of kids at the baptism.

Saturday was spent at the South Coast Repertoire. My nephew is taking acting classes, and he had an exhibition performance to conclude his first year. He did really well. The play was called Faces in the Crowd. It was set in a mall with a mother looking for her daughter who went to meet up with a friend, and during her search we get a glimpse into the conversations of teenagers in the mall. My nephew played a girl chaser. His lines were classic. So funny.

Finally, we've got some new toys for Jacob. We got a Leap Frog table and a push buggy. He's not into the table at all. He plays with it for like a few seconds and then moves on, but that's how he is with most of his toys. But the buggy, he loves. Jacob loves to be outside. I think if it were up to him, he'd be outside all day. He gets excited when he sees his stroller. I foresee the same happening with the buggy. He's a little small for it, but he doesn't care. He just likes to sit and chill as we push him around.

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