Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Jacob's 2 Year Stats

About a month ago, Jacob came out in our local paper. We have a local program that provides "Concerts in the Park," and my dad goes to listen to them every once in awhile. He often takes Jacob for the ride and the music, and he had mentioned that they took a pic of him. Well, low and behold, he actually came out in the paper. The caption is funny because he was no where near 18 months, try 23 months! My dad told them 18 months, he had no clue about his age. So anyway, they had brought me the paper when it came out, and I happened to be in the hospital having Isabella. Now I have it saved for his memory box!

And Jacob's finally had his 2 year wellness appt. Just like his appt a few weeks ago, Jacob is growing along great! Although, I was confused about his stats. The nurse measured him and said something about him being 3.5ft tall, and the doc said he was in the 90%ile for height but that doesn't seem right at all. According to my measurements, and the neurologist's, he's 34.5 in tall which is in the 50%ile. As for weight, he's lost a little bit, he's now 29lbs (62%ile). The weight loss is understandable since he's been battling something and hasn't been eating well, but the doc said it's fine. And he had 2 shots, and took them like a champ. Well, he wailed with the shots, but was okay for the blood test. The lollipop and toy at the end cheered him up just fine. Next wellness check-up is at 3 years...OMG, he's going to be 3 years old!

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