Saturday, August 21, 2010

Isabella is 1 Month

Didn't we just bring her home?! I thought time went by fast with one kid, but it really flies with two! We didn't get a 1 month appt for Isabella, so I have no stats. But I'll tell you how we're doing. She's gained quite a bit of weight and is much taller. She's now exclusively formula fed and is eating 4oz every 3 hours. She cat naps throughout the day, and sleeps well at night. We get at least a 6 hour stretch! Yay! And the last couple of nights it has been 7 hours! She's been such a great sleeper since day 1. Now if only mommy and daddy could get on her schedule we wouldn't be so sleepy. I cannot see myself going to sleep at 7p or 8p, but I should at least try to go to bed at 9p instead of 11p. But it's my only time to catch up on my DVR, and have ME time. Isabella's also started cooing and smiling, aka talking back. She started this last week. It's so adorable. It melts my heart. She hates being in her PnP but would rather be nosy in your arms. She loves walking around and looking at everything. I think she'll love her sling once we can turn her around. Right now, the swing is love/hate. Sometimes she'll sleep in it, other times she'll scream her head off to get out, same with the bouncy seat. And forget about tummy time, we get through only minutes at a time.

Jacob is still great with his sister, but the tantrums are getting out of hand. Seriously. I have THAT kid that throws himself on the floor in front of everyone. Ugh. And the eating situation is a joke. He doesn't eat like he used to, not even a little. I know he likes the food 'cause he used to eat it, and once we get over the initial tantrum, he'll eat most of his food. But I don't know what I'm going to do when they're both screaming and it's just me. Yup, so far, for the last month, I've had help. I'm spoiled. I had Jess for the 1st two weeks, then Jasmine for a week, and then Jess took another week, but now he's going back to work and Jasmine starts school. It's going to be hard. But I hope to get on some sort of routine, for my sanity.

As for me, I'm doing well too. I feel pretty much back to normal. However, I still have to take it easy. If I over exert myself, I do feel some soreness. Nothing painful or uncomfortable just a pulling sensation on my incision. I need to not let this happen too much or I could end up with a hernia. No thanks. But I'm grateful things are going way better than I had hoped. Jacob is still a sweetheart with his sister, Isabella is growing along perfectly, and I'm healing well. Let's see what next month brings.

Look at that smile!

They were checking each other out...

He loves her feet!

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Jenglamgirl said...

Hello Corin~ thanks for joining CraftOManiac. Beautiful babies you have! have a wonderful day. Jen