Friday, August 13, 2010

Jacob's 2 Years Old!

Yup, my baby boy is two years old! I can't believe it, 2 years ago at 10:41pm, I had my oldest baby. Where does the time go?! He's such a big boy now, and every day I am amazed at all the things he's learned and knows. We don't have his 2 year doctor's appt for a few more weeks, but we did have an appt with the neurologist, it was a routine check-up to see how he's doing as far as the seizures. And thank God, he's not had one since November despite having fevers. But Jacob is currently 34.5 inches tall (50th%) and weighs 31 pounds (90th%). And according to the neurologist, he is a normal 2-year-old boy! He repeats EVERYTHING! This is a good and bad thing.

Right now, his current obsessions are Toy Story and Hot Wheels. He still has his good ol' favorites - Elmo and Yo Gabba Gabba, but they do not compare. Toy Story is slowly becoming an everyday presence, but not if I can help it. As for food, Jacob likes pretty much everything, and if you're eating something, he will try it. Most of the time he'll like it. But apparently he's not too keen on raisins. I think he thinks they're bugs, but I could be wrong. And although he eats everything, the terrible twos have reared their ugly head. He has to be in the mood to eat, and he has to eat himself, but he hates getting his hands dirty. Tantrums are also a regular occurrence - the feet stomping, the wailing. He's also quite bossy! He'll tell you exactly what he wants. I LOVE when he asks for cake or pickles! He'll stand by the kitchen and say cookie, strawberry, apple, juice (yes, I know, he doesn't ask for veggies, but he does eat them).

He's also getting ready to potty train! He knows pee pee and poo poo, and every time he goes to the bathroom he looks for privacy. I know I should do it within the next couple of months, but it's going to be hard. And Jacob has adjusted really well to his new little sister and for that, I could not be happier. Every morning he runs to her and says Baby! or Hi, baby! in the cutest little voice. He helps feed her, he'll give her her paci, he'll help burp her. And he'll hold her, just 'cause he wants to hold her. As a mom, it's the most heartwarming thing to see. In celebration of his brithday, we will be having a small party for Jacob, and you know I'll have pictures to share!

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Happy Birthday Jacob!! :o)