Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Push Present

So this is a relatively new trend. Husbands, significant others, buying their baby mommas a present after the birth of a child. I never believed in this. Usually, it's a nice piece of jewelry or something sentimental. I mean it's a nice gesture, but isn't the gift of a beautiful baby gift enough? Seriously. I don't need a gift. But the day after we got home from the hospital, hubby came home with a gift for me. No, it wasn't some piece of jewelry, it was much better. Something I've been wanting for 9 months, something that meant that he was listening to me when I told him what I wanted. My push present (okay, not really) was a...coffee machine! Yup, I've been wanting one my whole pregnancy but held off because of the caffeine thing, but I would often tell Jess I wanted a coffee machine. You know I broke out that sucker right away. Jess even bought me fresh ground coffee, and the filters and creamer to go along with it. He's so thoughtful *swoon*. So now I have coffee often. I would say every other day. I would do everyday, but I don't want to get addicted. Who knows though...I may need it.

It keeps me happy...

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