Monday, April 25, 2011

Disney Cruisin': Day 1

On Sunday, April 10th our adventure began! A cruise to the Mexican Riviera more specifically Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas. We scheduled our arrival for around noon, and we arrived just in time. We went directly to new cruiser check-in where we received our Key to the World card (aka key to my credit card for anything we needed). We received our boarding number (#19) and after only waiting maybe 5 minutes, it was called. We were on our way to the ship, but before that we had to get a group shot. We were traveling in a group of 14! Heck yes, it was a lot of people. I believe one of the biggest groups on the ship. So, with our matching shirts, we took our first picture on the cruise.

Next up, the buffet. As soon as you get in, they announce your family name and guide you to two designated eating areas. We headed to Beach Blanket Buffet. Our first of many many many meals. The food was eh, but there were better meals to come.

After our late lunch we headed to our rooms to check out our accommodations. I thought the rooms were a decent size for a ship. I loved that there were two separate areas of the bathroom, one for showering and one for the toilet. I also liked the large porthole window. We were able to fit a playpen in quite nicely, while Jacob slept on the convertible sofa bed with the requested bed rail. Worked out perfectly.

Next on the agenda was the safety drill. All we had to do was just follow the path posted behind our door, and meet at the designated area. They called our room number and we're done. And then it was time for the Adventures Away party on the pool deck. We were handed gold and red streamers, and with loud music blaring, we danced our booties off.

After the party we got ready for the first show of the week, All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin. Honestly, I don't remember the show at all. But dinner was next and it was at Tritons. Our dinner rotation was TAAPTAP which stands for T=Tritons, A=Animator's Palate, and P=Parrot Cay. My first dinner was not so great. I ordered a lobster/pasta dish and it was not good. I was trying to be different, and it just didn't work, but I made up for it the rest of the cruise. LOL! Oh, and we had second seating dinner which I liked. I thought it was going to be late but it was just right. The kids adjusted, and well, heck, they were already all off schedule.

So, off to bed we went since we had no naps all day.  Days 2-3 coming soon.

Our humble abode for the next 7 days.

Isabella & Jacob's sleeping arrangements.

Bella checking out the daily navigator.

Checking out the room.

At the Adventures Away party.

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