Sunday, January 22, 2012

{ DIY } Play Kitchen

It's been awhile since I started this project, and I can now say it's *almost* finally COMPLETE! I finished it the week before Christmas, just in the nick of time. And I am in LOVE. I love the way it came out, and honestly, I'm sad I'm done with it. I had a lot of fun finding the pieces, and deciding what theme I wantedd for it. My dad helped out, and he even asked if we could do another one and sell it. Hmmm??? Maybe?! Anyway, this was a labor of true love. I'm going to give a break down of price and what I did to make the kids' kitchen. BTW, this is my dream kitchen. I love the classic yellow & white look. An all white kitchen with yellow accents...One day. However, once we saw the kids using it, we realized that they needed a cutting board/prep area, and I might be making a shelf that extends out from the side of the kitchen by the burners. But for now, this is what I used for our kitchen.

Nightstand (Craigslist) - $10
Plywood back 1/2 sheet (*HD = Home Depot) - $6.25 TIP: You can buy scrap pieces really cheap. Roof Shingle - magnetic chalkboard (*HD) - 98¢
Pull for the oven (*HD) - $1.99
Magnetic catch on oven door (*HD) - 98¢
Black oven paint sample (*HD) - $2.94
Chalkboard spray piant (*HD) - $4.67
Shelf Brackets (2) (*HD) - $2.58
Hinges (2) (*HD) - $2.47
Tap light $5.97
Wood soccer balls - burners (4) (Michaels) - 49¢ each
Scalloped Molding (Michaels) - $2.99
2 Frames - window & magnetic chalkboard ($ Tree) - $2
Contact Paper - Line bottom storage (99¢ Store) - $1
1/2 Yard fabric (Jo Ann's)- $3.50 SALE

Salt & pepper shakers ($ Tree) - $1
Colander ($ Tree) - $1
Measuring spoons($ Tree) - $1
Yellow bowls set (2) (99¢ Store) - $1
Yellow Kitchen Towels set (2) - (99¢ Store)
Yellow Baskets (2) - (99¢ Store)

Had on Hand/Donated:
Sink cake pan
Shelf Hooks
Black spray paint
Acrylic paint
Stove/Oven knobs
Tension rod
Popsicle sticks
Bamboo skewers
Printed picture
Piece of molding

The very first thing I did, was take apart the nightstand. Kind of. I took out the drawers, and kept one drawer face. Hubby sanded off almost all of the paint. I filled in any holes I didn't want (including the drawer face), and let it dry. We then dusted it off, and measured for the sink. I had my cake pan sink on hand, so that was easy. I also had my dad make the holes for the faucet. Once that was completed, I primed the entire outside. I wanted to be sure the paint was going to stay. I  let it dry, and then began to paint starting with the oven, which I painted black, and moving to the outside using regular paint we had on hand. I gave the kitchen about 2 coats. I also painted the plywood backing, and the moulding. I did not paint the bottom storage area because it was going to be hidden behind a curtain, but I did use contact paper to line the bottom. The oven door, which I thought was going to be difficult, was easy. We nailed it in with hinges, and added a magnetic catch. It works great, but we might add a chain. Not sure about that yet.

For the burners, I used 4 wood soccer balls that I found on clearance at Michaels. I just flipped them over, spray painted them, and had a smooth side to work with. My niece gave me some popsicle sticks that I cut to size and painted grey, and glued them on with Liquid Nails. For the curtain and valance, I had some help from my mom. And the rod, for the valance above the sink, is held up by two white bamboo skewers taped together and placed on hooks. The "window" is a frame painted yellow, and I printed out a picture that I would've liked to see when I looked out my window. As for the magnetic chalkboard, it was made using a dollar store frame painted yellow, and a roof shingle painted with chalkboard paint. I had to cut it down a bit to fit it in the frame, but it worked.

Once the kitchen was dry, I started assembling it. I glued the scalloped moulding to the top of the back splash and regular moulding where the nightstand and the backsplash met. I screwed in the faucet, put the sink in, nailed in the shelf and the burners. The knobs were nailed in using washers so they could still turn. The chalkboard was also nailed in, however for the "window" I used Velcro just in case I wanted to change the picture out. Hooks were screwed under the shelf and onto the side of the kitchen to hold dish towels.

After everything was put together, and all items were added up, the total for this kitchen came out to just under $60! I thought that was pretty good since it's so durable, and well, it was personalized!

If you have any questions leave a comment and I'll try to answer as best I can!

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MrsKBJ said...

This came out so cute!! Great job!

Jen-CraftOManiac said...

OH' My this is just so sweet. I love the colors you chose. Totally adorbs. winks, jen

Rustic Living said...

This is one of the cutest things I've ever seen! Great job, very creative!

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

So adorable, and I love up upcycle crafts.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! How cute!

Anonymous said...

How did you close off the bottom of the "oven?"