Thursday, January 19, 2012

New Year, Crappy Beginning

It's only been a few weeks into the new year, and they've already started off with a bang. A pretty crappy bang. On January 7th, just a little before 1pm, Isabella had her first febrile seizure. And this time, I was alone with 2 kids, kind of. Jess wasn't home but the rest of my family was near by. So, it had already started off as a crappy day. Jacob woke up throwing up. First in my bed, then in the hallway, and all over the bathroom. So, I spent my morning clean up and disinfecting everything. Turns out, I think he had an upset tummy 'cause he only threw up twice. That's it. So, I thought my trouble maker was going to be Jacob, but oh no, it was still early. Turns out, Isabella was going to be my sick baby. She had her seizure and it was almost deja vu to Jacob's first seizure. It happened in her sleep. And it happened exactly likes Jacob's in that I heard her breathing weird in the monitor. I didn't even look at the monitor, I just heard it and ran right into the room where I saw her shaking. Everything after that point, felt like an eternity. But it was only minutes. I picked Bella up and held her as I called my sister to come over. She ran to my house and was there in seconds. I then called 911. They told me what to do, and we followed their directions. The ambulance was there in about a minute. From start to finish, Bella's seizure lasted about 3 minutes. And she was burning up. The medics did their thing and loaded us up where we headed to the nearest hospital. It took us over 20 minutes to get a room, and during that time Bella was crying. We finally got a room, and it was another half hour before we got any meds. She also had an xray of her chest to rule out pneumonia. It was negative. But it took Isabella 1.5 hours to return to normal where she could drink and move more. After 3 hours at the hospital, and an antibiotic shot, we were released. Turns out, Bella had a fever off and on for 3 days before it broke and she broke out into a rash, aka ROSEOLA! She had a minor rash on her chest and her forehead for about a day before it went away. It took about a week for her to get back to complete normalcy, but I'm back on high alert with the seizures. Jacob has not had one in just over 2 years, but now I have to be weary of Isabella. I'm hoping this will be her last one, and I'm very optimistic!

My sick baby. Keeping her cool & hydrated.

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