Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jacob's New Preschool

So, it's a new year, and for Jacob, that means a new preschool. A few months back, I had enrolled him in a local program, but it was only 2 days a week for just a few hours. It was great as an introduction for him. He learned quite a few things, but there were a few drawbacks like it was far, and there were 34 kids in his class. Yes, I said 34. So, I started looking for a new school, and what better place than our very own neighborhood. Actually, the preschool Jacob goes to now is the one my niece and nephew went to as well. It's a little different from the time they went, but that was also 15 years ago. However, I love that there are not too many kids. Hello! There are 10 kids in his class! It's super duper close, and it just seems so quaint. But, he's only been there for a little over a week, so we'll see how it goes. If you ask Jacob, he loves it. He now goes 3 days a week for 4.5 hours. And he eats lunch at school now too. The first few days at school wiped him out. I had to bring back his nap! Yay me! I'm sooo happy for him, and sooo proud :0)

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