Thursday, February 23, 2012

Disneyland...All Year Round

This year we've decided against taking a big vacation. Last year we went on a Disney Cruise, and well this year, I wasn't sure what we wanted to do or where we wanted to go. So, we decided to hold off on a big vacation and instead take day trips to Disneyland. Since we've had the passes, we've been quite a few times! Like 3 times in one week!

The kids absolutely love it! Jacob can now go on some big rides, and his favorite at the moment is Star Tours. He even wears his 3D glasses! Something he would not do a year ago. I think it's time to maybe introduce the Star Wars movies! Isabella adores anything Mickey Mouse. Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. And she knows the names of all the characters. It's adorable! And every time she sees Mickey or Minnie she gets really excited. But I have to take her to meet them. In due time. We do have a year. And we've also had the opportunity to see my niece and nephew in a Disneyland parade with their high school band.

I'm uber excited for a year of Disney magic, and I can't wait until this summer when Cars Land opens up at California Adventure. Jacob's going to love it!




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