Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

It's a day of LOVE! And this year it's super exciting! Jacob's having his very first Valentine's party and we are both super stoked! I signed up to take cookies, homemade of course. From scratch? Of course not!. Hehe. I like simple and easy! And I made Jacob's Valentine's cards. I was heavily inspired by Pinterest. Surprised? Not really, right?

Like I said, I was looking for super simple and easy peasy. So I made cake mix cookies! How easy can it get? I used the recipe on the side of the box (I used this recipe here), dipped them in sprinkles (inspired by Stop lookin' Get cookin') , and baked those suckers up in less than 10 minutes. And for his Valentine's cards, I didn't want to give out the usual pile of sugar, so I found an alternative, Goldfish crackers! I designed a tag, bagged up those fishies, and stapled on a tag. EEE. ZZZ. Aren't they cute?! I *heart* them!

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