Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone had a great halloween. I know I'm a day late, but better late than never! So, our halloween celebrations started the weekend before at a party and the day before halloween. The kids celebrated a day early at school. I kind of liked it. No crazy sugar highs to beat on the day of. This year I made exactly the same treat I made last year, Oreo mummies. I'm sorry but they're so easy to make. And Bella had 17 kids in her class. So cheap and easy it was. I also took mini cupcakes to Jake's class. I love that they do not allow candy to be eaten at school and their party goodies consisted of cheese, cold cuts, crackers, and fruit. Followed by a mini cupcake.

Halloween was mellow. We started trick-o-treating around 6p. The kids couldn't wait longer. And we only hit up 2 blocks before returning to Titi's (aunties) house to bake some cookies! The kids were in bed by their usual bedtime. But the highlight of my night was when all was over, and I was getting Jacob out of his costume, and he tells me, "Mom, that was the best halloween ever!" No it wasn't super special or fancy but he loved it!

This year, if you haven't noticed, Isabella was Minnie Mouse and Jacob was Darth Vader, they both loved their costumes. I was surprised Bella kept her ears on and that Jacob held out wearing his costume for over a month. The kid's got patience. Now I'm sure he'll wear it out to his hearts content. Now that this halloween is over, I wonder what they're going to be next year?

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