Monday, November 26, 2012

Ketchup & Mustard

It's been ages since I've blogged last, and a lot of things are changing around here. More on that in a later post. But let's catch up (ketchup?)!

Isabella is finally potty trained! I didn't give up, but it did take a month. We've gone on outings like Disneyland sans pull-up and she's done great! Actually, she only wears a pull-up at night. We've don't have the night thing under control yet but I will!

I'm still helping out at Jacob & Isabella's school. And the kids had their school pictures taken! I love the way they came out but they look so BIG. I don't have babies anymore :( but we're having a lot more fun.

The kids had their first sleep over at their uncle's house. They've already had quite a few at their cousin Jasmine's house, but you can't compare cause their uncle lives 30 minutes away not 3! They did well despite Isabella being free from any confinement like her crib but it took her a mighty long time to fall asleep. Poor Jasmine. She had no sleep.

Speaking of Jasmine (my niece), we headed out for our annual Twilight movie night! However, this year my sister thought a marathon would be fun. OMG. I was not looking forward to this at all. In the end, it was a great idea! Time actually flew by, and we got to see the movie at 10p instead of midnight. My butt was a little sore for a few days after, but not having to fight with people and having a theater that was less than full, amazing!

The following weekend was thanksgiving! Woo hoo! The kids had a feast at their school and it was sooo good! We also had the chance to hear the kids sing and dance for us. The song was so catchy that we've all been singing it! "Do the turkey dinner dance, come on, come on, lets go..." Our turkey day was perfectly quiet and uneventful and the food was amazing. It's a good thing it's only once a year! Mmm, tamales are next.

So, I think I've caught up! Oh, wait! I did a lot of Black Friday shopping...all weekend! But I bought almost ALL of my gifts. Whew! The best and most fun part is shopping for the kids. I can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning :) I hope Santa delivers! And, I know I'm late but, I hope you all had a blessed thanksgiving!

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