Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Craft Time!

The other day, I had an itching to do a craft project. I went through my stash and found some stuff to work with - picture frame, spray paint, scrapbook paper, ribbon, button, glue, and Cricut. I decided to make a picture frame for Isabella. I started with a $ store frame that I had on hand (I have a few!), found a pattern I liked in my stash of paper, went through my ribbon, and found a button that I loved. I cut out her name, and from start to finish, this project took me only 30 minutes. I love it, and I already have some requests for more.

On another note, as I mentioned before, I finished Isabella's nursery letters. I'll be sharing those when they go up, hopefully in the next few weeks. And if I can't wait, I'll share them with you soon!



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MrsKBJ said...

Very pretty!! I love a good fun craft project!!:O)