Thursday, April 15, 2010

25 wks: Baby Update

I had my monthly OB appt the other day. Isabella seems to be looking good. She had a heart rate of 175! I think it was because she was moving around a lot when the Dr was trying to find her HB. Any who, she seems to be looking big, since I'm measuring ahead by a few weeks. But I also measured ahead with Jacob, and while most of it was baby, some of it was mommy too. And I have to take the 3 hour gestational diabetes test. I failed the 1 hour. Boo. I'm NOT happy about that, at all. Does food have an affect on those tests? Before I had taken the test I had a bag of Cheese-its (it was non-fasting) and I was chewing a piece of gum. And I have finally gained weight. Boo, to that too. Getting my appetite back is not helping, and sometimes I feel like I'm starving. It's unreal. But other than that, I haven't changed my diet too much. I think that will change depending on the GD test results. I will be doing that test in a few days. Wish me luck! I don't want GD, but I know it can't be helped just controlled. Lastly, because Isabella is looking big, we're going for another U/S! Yay! And nay. I love that we get to see her again, but I'm not happy about the reason. I'm really hoping she doesn't get too big. I'd really like to try for a VBAC. Oh, well. Things could be much worse. I have minor pregnancy pains like minor heartburn (nothing that 2 tums can't fix), sciatic pain every once in a great while. Oh, and waking up a lot to go pee at night, and calf cramps. Gosh, I hate those. They can wake me from the deepest slumber. But other than that, I'm feeling sooo good, and I know this will be a distant memory in my uncomfortable future.

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