Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Her Nursery Letters

They've been sitting around for weeks now. I finished them up quite awhile ago and I still haven't put them up. I'm waiting for her crib mattress (I need to order it), and then I'll put them up, along with her bedding and stuff. Jacob's bed is actually set up but I haven't really tried to put him in it. He's played with it/in it, but that's about it. We did try to put him in it once but he wanted no part of it. However, I think the reason behind that was he wanted to go with his dad to the store. Ugh, I hope that's not an early sign. I've actually been lagging. I'm not in a nesting mood at the moment. I'm in party planner mode. I'm having so much fun planning my sprinkle. These days I love looking at party blogs for inspiration! I can't believe it's in a month! Hello, time? Where the heck are you going?! Any who, I've got to get back on her nursery. I was on a roll and then fell off, but in the next few weeks I have to finish up some (a lot of) projects. But here are her letters:

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MrsKBJ said...

I love them! They came out super cute!! I am going to do hanging letter for baby #2.