Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Crazy Weekend Update

I was very lucky to have a four day weekend. My weekend started on Thursday when we went to Disneyland for our last and final trip of the year. I'll post more on that later. But my Friday morning was spent completing my 3-hour gestational diabetes test. In all honesty, I have to say it wasn't too bad. Of course it sucks, and it's long, but I kept myself entertained. I took 4 different magazines, an ipod, and I had my BB. And thank goodness I had my nieces iTouch! That thing made time go by fast. She has a bunch of games, movies, videos, and music on there. I was extremely exhausted from the day before, and I went in as early as I could, around 9am. I was also fasting, but surprisingly I was not very hungry after the test. And, that night, my family received some devastating news, my aunt Lucy had passed away. She was my mother's sister, and she was a funny, crazy one. She will be missed.

Saturday I spent most of my day at my niece's colorguard championship show. Her group did really well, and there were only 2 groups in her category. They did so well. They got 1st place! I was so very proud of her. The theme of their show this season was Cancer survival, and the song they performed to was Adam Lambert's Time for Miracles. *Short video of their performance below.*

Finally, Sunday most of the day was spent recuperating, and shopping. We hit up Costco to pick up some essentials. And we had a family dinner. It was most definitely a looong weekend!

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