Tuesday, May 18, 2010

30 weeks: GD Update

I had an appointment with my gestational diabetes nurse practitioner to check on how I've been doing so far, and there's some good news and some bad news. My blood sugar #s are really good, but I'm spilling ketones. I really don't quite understand what exactly are ketones, but it has to do with burning fat. Uh, hello! I want to burn fat! Don't I? Apparently, since I'm spilling ketones, it means I'm not getting enough calories and therefor my body is burning fat which is not good, or something like that. I'm telling you, I really don't understand it, but now I've got to eat more calories, and that means more food. Ugh. It's sooo weird, with Jacob you couldn't stop me from eating! Now I'm not eating enough! And if I don't stop spilling the ketones, then they'll up my carb intake which in turn will probably raise my numbers which means I'd be put on insulin. I'm so confused. Are you? All my life (as you may know I'm plus-sized) I've been trying to cut down on my calorie intake, and now I've got to up it. Other than that, I'm super glad my numbers looked good. And now the appointment craziness begins. I have an appointment with the GD NP every week unless things start to look better with regards to the ketones. And I see my OB more frequently and I will see my endo again soon.

As for the pregnancy, I've hit the uncomfortable stage. This last week I have been uber exhausted. It takes quite a bit of energy to get stuff done. And having a toddler wipes me out by the end of the day. Also, if I walk too much my feet and legs start killing me. My back has started to hurt now too. But I can still sleep, however turning over is a different story. I have to wake up to turn because I can feel the weight of the baby and my uterus as I turn. It's quite uncomfortable. But I'm still very proud of myself for making it to the 3rd tri before dealing with major pregnancy pains, and I'm now at 6 lbs gained so far, and no high blood pressure! I really hope things continue smoothly!

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