Thursday, May 27, 2010


Jacob's current obsession is brushing his teeth. He loves it! Whenever he sees his Elmo stool he says teeth, teeth . And now he actually does it over the sink, or in front of the sink, instead of on his changing table. He'd brush his teeth all day, if he could. I usually get a good brush in, and let him try to brush however he wants. That usually involves him chewing on the brush and sucking on it. And I'm annoyed, the Elmo stool we got for him isn't tall enough to get him over the sink. I've found wooden 2-step stools for like $30, but that's redic! Poor thing loves to wash his hands too but it's awkward for him. I need to brainstorm more 'cause I feel bad about it. He needs a taller stool for now.

Jacob also has his favorite phrase and word of the moment. His favorite word is Broke, and his favorite phrase is Awww, Man. If anything is out of place he says it's broke. Oh, and he is really mimicking. Everything. I'm just waiting for the moment someone says a bad word and he picks it up. Ugh. Horrible. And a bad craving Jacob has - McDonald's fries. He knows the little jingle, and he sings it whenever he sees the golden arches. WTH! I have to thank my BIL for that since he's the one who feeds into his food craving. I swear, it's amazing how much kids pick up!

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